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Yes, Err! We Have Conquered Their Puny Planet.

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Cool Shit Found During Research

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Only Video of a Skull and Bones Ritual. Shot by Ron Rosenbaum for New York Observer magazine. He’s spent 25 years investigating Yale’s secret society. Iron Age Shipwrecks in Deep Water off Ashkelon, Israel. PDF of a paper regarding the discovery of “Tanit” and “Elissa”, two 8th century BC Phoenician wrecks, in 1997 by U.S. Navy’s research Submarine NR-1. Here are the photomosaics of the wrecks… Funny little planet.

Leif Jones Takes on Conan

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Several months ago I featured Sal Velluto’s awesome images of young Conan. Now I proudly bring you more interpretations of the greatest barbarian in town. Here’s a page Leif Jones did back when Dark Horse was first looking for an artist on their monthly. A little Bob Fingerman. A little Richard Corben. A whole lotta Leif! To see the entire sample story in a larger format click here! Mr. Jones is a goddamned art monster. His work makes me high. …

New Conan Interview up at the Pulse

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On the off chance that you’re not sick of hearing me pimp. Click here! (It’s gonna be like this all year, Bitches!) Jason Shawn Alexander’s fierce ass cover to issue #2 Will Conrad’s fierce ass interiors to issue #2

Make 5 Wishes: Lavigne/Dysart

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Okay. Word’s out on the street. It’s true. Avril Lavigne has a new two-volume manga graphic novel coming out and I wrote it. Yup. Shocking isn’t it? I’m the horror guy. I’m the dark guy. I’m the guy who can’t seem to stop killing kids in his comics. Now I’m the fluffy, sweet Avril Lavigne guy. Hardly. The book itself is a young adult horror/tragedy aimed at the 15 to 17 year old market in Asia. If you know anything …