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It Was My Honor

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A few months ago a reader of mine by the name of Rachel Schiff reached out to me via Facebook. Her girlfriend, Ashley Faulkner, is also a reader, and her girlfriend’s brother, Chris Faulkner, had turned them on to my comics in the first place. One big happy family. Rachel told me that she was going to propose to Ashley. Rachel’s intention was to write a comic book that would act as her proposal, have a friend draw it for her and …

Tuesday night was more than a political victory

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With a near-record level of Latino votes going to Democrats and an 18 point spread between men and women (with as much as 55% of female votes going to Obama), plus major national shifts towards the legalization of pot and marriage equality and a historic number of women serving in the Senate (including the first openly gay Senator), what we saw Tuesday night was a defining moment for our nation that will be difficult, if not imposible, to roll back.

MY Halloween Gift To You

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN Here’s a scary story I told in front of a live audience at the awesome LAST BOOK STORE in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month. Watch the video, then check out the photos below. THE STAIN (video by Liliana C. Costa, thanks!) There, now you’ve heard the story, check out the images!

Dear Grown Ass Man in Skinny Jeans

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I’m gonna start at the heart of it, and I hope you hear where I’m coming from. Cause, see, ultimately, it’s all about your guts. Not your bravery. There’s nothing brave about wearing those jeans. No, I’m talking about your actual guts. The ones in your stomach. Because when your forty, your guts are forty. They’re heavy and they’re tired.

The Sonic House

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  American multimedia artist Doug Aitkin has created an amazing piece of modern architecture right here in my town of residence, Venice, Ca. (home to some truly world class architecture as it is). Keep reading for details and link to a video of the house…