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Remember When Will Ferrell Was Funny?

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In the wake of the unfunny Talladega Nights. Here’s a link to what cracked magazine.com calls the The 10 Best Will Ferrell Skits of All-Time. The list of videos includes the famous cowbell skit, Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond and The Boss From Hell skit. But because it’s SNL specific it doesn’t have his brilliant turn as George Bush from the 2004 ACT campaign to get out the vote. So I’ve tracked that down here. Enjoy.

Pop Image Pimps Substrate!

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Recently a fabulous artist and dear friend of mine by the name of Kelly Howlett published a collection of sketches, musings and other works called SUBSTRATE. The book features an introduction by myself and is currently getting press at PopImage.com. They were gracious enough to include bits and pieces of my introduction as well, So link on through if you have the time. LINK TO REVIEW OF BOOK.

A Rough Guide to Asian Horror Cinema

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Someone out there in Internet space has posted what he or she considers to be an informative, but basic Guide to Asian Horror (follow this link to check it out). They admit to having seen only 15 Asian horror films and then proceed to criticize those movies in incredibly Western aesthetic terms. It’s sort of like if a Rough Guide to American Prison Cinema failed to mention Cool Hand Luke, Papillion and the entire sub-genre of women’s prison exploitation cinema. …

Saturday Morning News Junky…

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The world I woke up to today…

See video of Alan Moore being polite to a kid’s show host!

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Video of early Alan Moore pimping, to kids no less, his first Swamp Thing trade and some upcomming project called WATCHMAN! As my dear friend Den has pointed out, “Note that the script page of SWAMP THING appears to have a one page-long paragraph to describe a single panel.” The video can be found here Alan with Jack Kirby at San Diego Comic Con in the mid 80’s. This photo is a visual document of two pop culture gods coming …