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Duck!! Cheney’s Got a Gun!!

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White House under fire in Cheney shooting accident. If you’re not reading DARYL CAGLE’S CARTOON WEBLOG, you really ought to start. The latest news on the Cartoon Riots and all the most relevant political cartoons regarding any madness in the world can be found there.

Cool New On-Line Comics Website!!

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Check out ACT-I-VATE!!

More Work From Neill Blomkamp, the man responsible for “Alive in Joburg”

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Neill Blomkamp continues to use Science Fiction to explore social issues in post-apartheid South Africa with this short film TETRA VAAL. “After you see it once, replay the video and pay attention to some of the poses that the robot makes. Let us, for example, take a look at the robot holding the machine gun upright in a rather patronizing and authoritative manner while patrolling the streets of Johannesburg. Then there is the car ride and casual looking through the …

Cartoon Riots

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First, credit where credit is due…much of this post is ripped from an MSNBC blog called DARYL CAGLE’S CARTOON WEBLOG. What follows here is a sort of Cliff’s Notes of all his hard work. If you want the links and a more in-depth look at the story you have to go to his blog and generate hits for him. Thanks! A protester demonstrates in front of the French Embassy, over the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, which were …

Has BYU prof found AIDS cure?

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Two exciting possibilities in the fight against AIDS have emerged in the mainstream press the same week as the “Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections” was held in Denver… Compound could be long-sought breakthrough “We received these agents [from BYU] in early October and our initial results began to culminate by November 2005. We have since reproduced all our results many times,” he said. “We have some preliminary but very exciting results [but] we would like to formally show this …