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CLICK HERE FOR THE KICKSTARTER PAGE So, you know I never KICKSTART bomb. This is only the second time I’ve supported a project AND asked for your support as well. But like the last time, I think this project is incredibly important and very cool. I’ve seen a rough cut of it, and I’m behind it 100%. MONEY FOR NOTHING: INSIDE THE FEDERAL RESERVE is a revealing, ambitious documentary film and act of balanced journalism that chronicles the last 100 …

Jeff Lemire Does Harbinger, Harbinger Zero, 10 Reasons Why You Should Read Valiant, The NYCC Panel, Interview Links and Oooodles of Art!!

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HARBINGER 5 The conclusion of the “Omega Rising” arc, Harbinger #5, hit this week and people seem to dig it. Here’s a parade of kindness… IGN: “There are so many cool moments in this issue, so many incredible panels to gaze at.” Stump Town Trade Review: “It is smart, action packed, and works on multiple levels.” Comic Book Bin: “A pivotal issue in the young series’ life, Harbinger #5 is not to be missed.” The Broken Infinite: “Honestly, there was not a single thing wrong with the issue.” …


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Its been a while since I’ve posted any news here. Harbinger is starting to edge up in the monthly pack, with sales finally reflecting some of the critical enthusiasm we’ve been getting. What does that mean exactly? It means I’ve spent the summer traveling, promoting and yes, writing, all to the detriment of this blog. But have no fear. This post is going to cover it all. Below you will see links to interviews, preview pages for upcoming issues and …

The Dark Knight Rises Sucks. A Rant.

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I am shocked at how bad DARK KNIGHT RISES is. To me Nolan, even at his best (THE PRESTIGE, MEMENTO), has never been more than a mildly interesting filmmaker. He’s ambitious in the least absorbing of ways. He’s way too pretentious to really play off the important pulp he seems to be reaching for. He habitually overcomplicates things. And yet I found DARK KNIGHT RETURNS to be pretty engaging. It certainly had many faults (some of them ideological) and it undeniably …

IFC Thinks The Unknown Soldier Would Make A Great Film

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I may have finished Unknown Soldier two years ago, but the love keeps coming. Now The Independent Film Channel (through columnist Rick Marshall) says, “This series about a pacifist who discovers his dark side during the war in Uganda isn’t pretty, but it could make a great, gritty movie.” Check out the full write up. Thanks to my friend, my brother from another mother and my collaborator, the Italian Stallion, Alberto Ponticelli, for bringing this article to my attention.