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Valiant News and New Harbinger Covers Released

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Yeah, as usual my own site is the last to publish the “latest” news. At least you know the book won’t fall behind because I’m too busy blogging. Two new covers for Harbinger #6 have hit the internets. Lick them… And …

Fallen Superheroes

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“Fallen Superheroes”,  a new book featuring the gorgeous photography by Eric Curtis, (I urge you to click through to his site) is getting a lot of play on comic blogs and elsewhere, so maybe you’ve seen it, but it looks too amazing to not mention again here. Here’s a few images from the book. Gander away, my loves…

The Cinema & Photography Of Eric Valli

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Eric Valli’s 1999 film “Himalaya” is a beautiful anthropological act in the guise of “adventure” fiction. The first Academy Award nominated Nepalese film (albeit directed by Frenchman Valli, who has lived in Nepal since 1983), it was shot in a virtually inaccessible region of the midwestern Nepalese “uphills” and stars locals from the area. Spirited by a pitch-perfect humanist tone, the film lovingly focuses on the daily lives and traditions of the people of the upper Dolpo. Some wooden performances from the non-professional actors only serve …

Quakelife: The Big One Just Got Bigger

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I love and fear earthquakes. The idea that the world itself is shifting beneath me inspires awe. But there’s always a touch of panic in the first second of rumbling, when the length and intensity of the quake is still an unknown. How bad is this going to get? Is this the Big One? Am I about to die in my bed from a collapsing ceiling?

Your Big Ass Trailer Dump: Malick Does Superman, Anderson Does Scientology, Cronenberg Does DeLillo

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Man of Steel We’ve all seen the teaser trailer for “Man of Steel”, right? Of course we have. I’m not a Zach Snyder fan. I find his directing more at home in a video-game cut scene than on a movie screen. So imagine my surprise when the new teaser trailer came out of the oven smelling for all the world like a genuine, heartfelt, wide-eyed Terrence Malick flick. Here watch it again…