Best Comic Book Of The Year Announced!

By me…

Yes, this is just my opinion, but the best comic book published in 2006 was David Petersen’s amazing MOUSE GUARD, published by Archaia Studios Press.


Amazingly visualized, MOUSE GUARD tells the story of a coming war between separate factions of Mouse Nation while using the trappings of a fantasy narrative.


There’s intrigue and politics and all of that jazz, but mostly there are a ton of super cute mice kicking some serious ass. I cannot express the delight I get when I flip through each new issue. Everything is so beautiful, the pallet, the page layouts, the minimal dialog and rich open story… this is just damn good comics.


And its great for kids too. The language is clean, the gore level is low, the stories are adventurous, the mice are too cute for words (did I mention cute mice?) and if your child can’t follow exactly everything in the story, the art and excitement will keep them engaged. So if you want something cool for Christmas that will get an 8 to 10-year-old reading, this just might do the trick.

This was, hands down, the most satisfying comic book to hit since ELK’S RUN (my vote for best comic of 2005)

And for those keeping score, I felt that SHAOLIN COWBOY was the best book of 2004.

If you’re not hip to this stuff make the effort.

I’ll do the Best Graphic Novel/Collected Trade soon.

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