Conan And The Midnight God #2 Feb 28!

Okay, so I’m a week early, but I’ll be in New York and it won’t be so easy to post this, so I’m getting to it now. Enjoy!

The ad copy reads…

“As his queen mourns the death of their son, Conan mounts an all-out invasion of Stygia, setting events in motion that may change the course of all Hyboria!

Which is mostly what it’s about.. I mean, you know, sorta.

Jason Shawn Alexander’s fierce ass cover.

Will Conrad’s fierce ass interiors to issue #2. Colored by fierce ass Juan Ferreyra.

Fun Links!

Click here for a preview of the first four pages.

Click here for the making of issue #1. Includes script pages and pencils!

Click here for a great interview on my Conan at The Pulse.

IGN covers Conan here.

And then there’s the reviews…

“To my surprise, I found what might be the beginnings of the best Conan story I’ve ever read. “Eye on Comics.

“A good start to a story that promises to take its readers beyond Howard’s tales of Conan. It stays true to the original material while adding its own flavor.”Papper Back Reader

“It’s difficult to tell where Will Conrad’s pencils end, and where Juan Ferreyra’s colors begin. I don’t know if Ferreyra is coloring on a computer, or using traditional paints, but it looks magnificent.”Silver Bullet Comics

You like me… you really like me!

Thanks for reading!

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