“I think personally I want to convey the more horrific elements of the character. I want to take full advantage of the environment. Swamps, forests can be really creepy. Visually give a little nod to the [Berni] Wrightson days. I think that would be a nice complement to the more intellectual stories they’re doing now.” – Eric Powell on Newsarama

So it goes, that in the continuing tradition of charging exceptional artists with the weighty task of covering up my vast inadequacies as a writer, Vertigo has signed Eric Powell to do the covers for SWAMP THING , starting with issue #21. Powell is ridiculously amazing. I�m very fortunate to have him as the new barker hocking my humble efforts. His creator-owned series, THE GOON, is a comedic masterwork. Witness…

�Why?! Why?! Why must you refuse to accept that Dr. Hieronymous Alloy�s genetically enhanced cream corn is superior to the leading brand on the market?!!! Ahhhh!! I�ll destroy you all!!� – THE GOON, issue 12, page 12.

See, and that was taken out of context and without the accompanying image. No, really… it’s funny… and should be read by all.

Life is complicated. I lament the passing of Enrique Breccia�s darkly textured, nightmare imagery, while eagerly anticipating the future visions of Powell.

Fear not, though. Enrique is still the craftsman behind the interior of the book. Now, if only we can get Powell to do a fill in. Mmmmmm…

Welcome aboard, Eric!

Powell (3).jpg
Eric Powell with his first painting of Swamp Thing. The cover to the upcoming issue #21. Taken at Wizard World Chicago, 2005.

And here’s a scan of the cover, before it gets wrecked with all that text and barcode crap…

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