Full review by the obviously brilliant Olivia Woodward at Silver Bullet Comic Books

“This is an amazing set of stories. Dysart’s writing is among the best in contemporary comics. He balances old-fashioned, EC style monster stories with the intense conceptual explorations for which the Vertigo imprint is known. It is both a thrilling read and a moving reflection on some of the core elements of human existence, loneliness and love, delusion and faith. Moreover, it isn’t a awkwardly crafted see-saw narrative, with alternating scenes of action and contemplation. Both the horror and exploration are unified in the story. In fact, the greatest horror doesn’t come from the revulsion of monstrous sexual intercourse or vicious violence; it comes from the realization that love and faith may fail, leaving us abandoned and forlorn in loneliness.”

Ahhh… ego stroke… mmmmm…

Meanwhile… back at the Hall of Justice…
This is my wall (2.5).jpg
“This wall is mine!!”

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