FBI Charges Blind Phone Phreak With Intimidating a Verizon Security Official


Matthew Weigman, a blind hacker who has been under investigation since he was 15 years-old has been arrested just two months after his 18th birthday.

The article (linked below) is fascinating. However, even more interesting are the two recorded phone calls you can listen to on the sidebar. One is of Weigman making an inter-company call to a Verizon phone operator and posing as a fellow phone employee to fish for data. The other is of Weigman making a 2005 “swatting” call that sent police to the Colorado home of Richard Gasper, a TSA screener whose daughter refused phone sex with Weigman.

Fascinating stuff.

Click here for the article.

Up until now Weigman, who was taking in by FBI already once in December of 2007 (while still a minor) has, up until now, been known only as “Li’l Hacker” by the press. As of turning 18, he’s no longer protected by juvenile civility laws.

Here’s the article from last December.

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