Fellow Pros… Girl Wonder Art Auction

Girl-Wonder.org is an organization dedicated to female characters, creators, and fans in mainstream comics. Thier goals are to foster an attentive, empowered audience community and to encourage respect and high-quality character depiction within the industry (cribbed shamelessly from website copy). They’re currently working to establish themselves legally as a nonprofit organization so that they can do more direct-action work: setting up scholarships, developing presence at conventions (and hopefully eventually throwing one of thier own), and the like.

In October, Girl-Wonder’s going to be having an art (and other comics stuff) auction to cover some of the costs of officially incorporating and registering as a NPO (as well as general operating expenses like bandwidth, which currently get paid out-of-pocket by the staff). So, They are soliciting donations of original sketches and artwork, signed prints and comics (or, if you should *theoretically* happen to be a writer, scripts), and the like.

If you’re remotely interested or know of anyone else who might be, please let them know. Either way, thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.




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