First count for new Majority Leader showed more votes cast than Republicans present!!

Tom Delay! Pope of the side deal, baby!!

So let me get this straight. The old Majority Leader is being investigated for ethics violations; Rep. Randy Cunningham, R-Calif., has resigned and been convicted; Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, faces scrutiny in a wide-ranging congressional corruption investigation symbolized by convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff (a scandal which is most definitely a Republican affair, despite what WASHINGTON POST public editor Deborah Howell said); there’s still some very reasonable lingering doubts about irregularities during the 2000 election, even a few grumblings about the 2004 election; the Donkeys are calling the Elephants a “Culture of Corruption” and now, during the vote for a new, ethical leader that will shine out like a bold and honest beacon for the Grand Old Party to steer clear of the rocks by, the first count shows more votes cast than Republicans present!

Wow. That’s… I… I mean… well, I’m speechless. As Jon Stewert said, “It’s not that you can’t make this stuff up, it’s that you wished you had to.”

Apparently it was Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, who lost a vote in the second round of counting, allowing for the win of Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio… for what that’s worth.

DCLJ10602022134_sp.jpeg Rep. John Boehner, left, stands with Rep. Roy Blunt, after Boehner was elected House Majority leader. Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006, in Washington DC.

Although, the reality of it isn’t nearly as fun as my wacko, leftist accusations. Here’s the reason the AP reported for the overage…

“Blunt’s position as temporary majority leader had made him the front-runner, but he ended seven votes short of the necessary majority on a first-round secret ballot. He had 110 votes and Boehner had 79, followed by Shadegg with 40 and Rep. Jim Ryun of Kansas, who was not an announced candidate, with two. After Shadegg and Ryun dropped out, Boehner won his second-ballot victory, defeating Blunt on a 122-109 vote.”

I’ve also read on the “Free Minds, Free Markets” blog, REASON, that….

“…the first vote resulted in a wacky mix-up wherein nobody was sure whether they had the correct number of ballots.” Check out that entry for a fantastic rundown on our new House Majority Leader’s ties to lobbyists by the way.

Something else I’ve read is, “Apparently the confusion was whether or not a Representative from Puerto Rico was entitled to vote (they were).” But I have no decent source for this one.

Still, whether someone is stacking the ballot box or it’s all just an honest mistake, the message here is clear (and repeatedly born out by recent events)… REPUBLICANS CAN’T RUN AN ELECTION FOR SHIT!!

Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) supported government contracts for a defense firm with whose president he has had personal dealings. One of these dealings included buying a Duke home at a wildly inflated price.

Meanwhile in other news regarding the party of morality and strong Christian values, Alberto Gonzales testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend the NSA’s wiretaps today. Once the hearings started, the committee agreed on a party-line vote not to put Gonzales under oath. Because, I mean… why would he lie? THINK PROGRESS has the transcript.

The last case Albert Gonzales defended. His client wasn’t the naked guy.

And as a final parting shot I’ll leave you with this transcript from CNN, which has nothing to do with Republican corruption in the slightest…

“KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Defense Secretary Donald Ru right now speaking before the National Press Club newsmaker luncheon. But it was just a few minutes ago he was interrupted by an anti-war protester. He had just been asked a question, where is Osama bin Laden? This is what happened.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thousands are coming this weekend!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Secretary Rumsfeld, I’m sorry your First Amendment rights were not respected at the National Press Club.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Take this program with you! You are torturing people!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anyway, secretary…

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This world needs to wake up and stop this war, this criminal war! You are a war criminal!


DONALD RUMSFELD, SECY. OF DEFENSE: Well, we’ll count her as undecided.”

Donald Rumsfeld… always cool under fire.

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