One of my dearest friend’s in this whacked business of funny books, ex-porn star Arvid Nelson, has just had his exceptionally well executed creator-owned book REX MUNDI picked up by another dear friend, Scott Allie, at Dark Horse Comics.

The book is a take on the whole “Holy Blood/Holy Grail” thing – only this time coming at us in the form of a murder mystery set in an alternate history 1930’s Paris that’s infested with cabalistic magic and enigmatic guilds. You would do well to read this instead of the awful and virtually plagiarized DA VINCI CODE.

The press release and Scott’s comments can be found here.

Below is the exceptional cover to Rex Mundi 16 by the interior artist Juan Ferreyra.

Other links of interest…

Review of the first graphic novel THE GUARDIAN OF THE TEMPLE (which features an introduction by me).

Current thread regarding the move to Dark Horse on the Image board

Streaming interview with Arvid and Eric J., the original artist on the project


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