Harbinger #2 Hits This Wed…

And it goes a little something like this…

“Put your hands up and step away from the dog!”

And this…

“I prefer the watusi, but I can bust a move, crunk, cut a rug, head-bang, juke, mosh or skank as well.”


Wanna see more cool pages and read a nice little solicitation write-up specifically designed to whip you into a fervor? Just do the shimmy-sham click jam here.

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3 Responses to Harbinger #2 Hits This Wed…

  1. Dom

    I like the title’s font/design. Oh, and what’s with that crazy cop going ahead of the other guys in more protective gear? Let S.W.A.T. do it’s thing, dude. Cops…am I right?

    • Joshua Dysart

      Haha! The really funny thing is that in the comic it’s not even cops coming after Peter. But I kind of dig it. Remember those days when the cover of the comic didn’t have anything to do with the interior? That’s what this is like.

    • Joshua Dysart

      Oh, and yeah, I love the title design. It’s the design of the Actual Harbinger Foundation. So hopeful and optimistic.

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