Harbinger #2. Incoming Reviews & A New Cover

First off, It seems Harbinger #1 has cracked the top selling 100 comics and graphic novelist list for June, and is in fact, according to Bleeding Cool News, the only non-Premier publisher title to break the Top 100. We rolled in at #72. I wanna take it higher!

Now on to the reviews…

Jess Pendley at Comics Crux says, “Harbinger is hands down one of the best super-hero comics being produced.”


“Khari Evans and Lewis LaRosa split the art duties on this issue and each do an equally fantastic job. I am a stickler for characters looking as expressive as they’re being written and that is more then accomplished here.”


“Joshua Dysart is knocking the walls off of this comic. In just two issues, you’re treated to more character development then you receive in most 124 minute movies.”

She has a minor criticism, but you’ll have to click through to the review and generate some hits for her to see what it is.

Faith is coming. Cover to issue #4 of Harbinger.

Andy Frisk at Comic Book Bin writes of Harbinger #2, “Harbinger is definitely a top of the reading pile type of book.”


“Khari Evans’ artwork is powerfully understated and bears the mark of realism that we rarely see in superhero comics.”


“I really love how Dysart weaves a morally ambiguous tale that stars superhuman characters who are as relatable as most of the real people in your life.”

His review – you can find it here - contains spoilers (as most do), so I prefer you read it after you’ve picked up your copy of Issue #2 TOMORROW!

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