Joe Kubert Will Never Die

From the New York Times Slideshow on Kubert

One of the absolute giants of the comic book art world, Joe Kubert, shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday (August 12, 2012) at the age of 85. There’s not much I can say about Kubert personally. I met him only once in passing. I can say how much I loved TOR and his war comics, including THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, which I had a chance to make my own (with no disrespect to the original, I hope). But there have been some absolutely lovely tributes across the internet and the least I can do is aggregate my favorites here in case you haven’t stumbled on them on your own.

By all accounts Mr. Kubert was a dedicated teacher (founder of the famous Kubert School, which has churned out multiple generations of influential artists), friend, husband, artist and lovely man.  But he will certainly never be forgotten for his comics. His linework is part of the very DNA of our medium at this point. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that there is no working Western cartoonist who has not been directly or indirectly influenced by him and his graphic storytelling in some way. Whether they know it or not.

Here are some quotes with links to their corresponding articles…

“Though Joe didn’t know it, I’d fought my own father all my life up to that point—my father didn’t believe drawing was either a way to make a living or “manly”—and that moment Joe and my Dad met, my path was validated forever in my own father’s eyes.” - To Joe, With Love: A Sad Farewell to the Man Who Opened All the Doors by Steve Bissette

“That summer I talked my way up the Vermont CETA hierarchy trying to convince them to pay for cartooning college. They were skeptical and couldn’t provide a decision before school went into session.  I called Joe to let him know and he said “Come down anyway.  I’ve spoken with Muriel and we’ll make it work somehow.” Right there, the two of them handed me the first key to the kingdom. - Remembering Joe Kubert by Rick Veitch

This next one is included for the lovely photographs Kushner took of Mr. Kubert…

“He was 81 at the time and sitting over his art table drawing when I arrived at his office.  I took a peek over his shoulder as he rose to greet me and those famous Kubert lines were unmistakable on the page.  I was nervous, as one might feel when meeting a legend, but Mr. Kubert put me at ease.” - JOE KUBERT R.I.P. by SETH KUSHNER

And finally, The Beat has done the most extensive tribute to Kubert’s life, featuring lots of great art and photographs. If you click on only one of these, click on that one.

“It’s this very clear vitality for life which made Kubert, the man, the living legend, and the universally beloved, respected figure he was.” – The Beat

Farewell, Mr. Kubert. Thank you for all the amazing comics.

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