Leif Jones Takes on Conan

Several months ago I featured Sal Velluto’s awesome images of young Conan. Now I proudly bring you more interpretations of the greatest barbarian in town.

Here’s a page Leif Jones did back when Dark Horse was first looking for an artist on their monthly.

conan 03.JPG.jpg

A little Bob Fingerman. A little Richard Corben. A whole lotta Leif!

To see the entire sample story in a larger format click here!

Mr. Jones is a goddamned art monster. His work makes me high. I can’t get enough of it. I just want to shove him up my ass so the art can filter straight into my bloodstream (I’m afraid of needles, so injecting him is out).

Click on his name above to see his website or go to his Myspace page.

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