Life Of A Cat

The cats of my life have been on my mind today as one that was very, very important to me died last night.

Coincidently, the fantastic website TV In Japan brought this gorgeous, heartfelt mini-anime to my attention.

This post is dedicated to Clark, Chuck, Pena, Mal, Nieves and last but not least by a long shot…

My Mommy Lives in LA.jpg

Good kitties all.

And for the two who share my front porch with me and are still very vibrant and alive, Tree and Mortimer.

Here is Kooks obit…

Kookla Adler-Poulos
November 22, 1999 – November 10, 2006
Born in Edison, New Jersey, Kookla spent her youth playing fetch and hiding from her crystal-meth-addicted landlord at La Isla de Las Mujeres in New Brunswick, NJ. Seemingly pointless and unprovoked racing back and forth from room to room, marked her childhood, and continued well into adulthood, even as the rooms grew smaller and Kookla grew larger. Physically distinguished by her black-on-black tiger striped coat and abnormally small head, she was also well-known across the nation for her voracious appetite and almost human-like understanding that food obviously equals love. Her unique vocal stylings also brought notoriety amongst artists, doctors, and teachers, alike.

After a few years in Highland Park, New Jersey, Kookla decided to follow her dreams of living alone, without the oppression of slimmer, dominating felines and moved to Los Angeles, where she spent her final years living the good life in her beachside apartment in Venice, California.

She is survived by her two mommies, Nicole Adler of Highland Park, NJ and Julie Poulos of Venice, CA; cousins Sally, Freeia, Jet, Flo, Jinxy and Trixie; and numerous aunties and uncles. Service to be held Sunday, November 19th, at 12 noon. Venice Beach, CA.

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