Make 5 Wishes: Lavigne/Dysart


Okay. Word’s out on the street. It’s true. Avril Lavigne has a new two-volume manga graphic novel coming out and I wrote it. Yup. Shocking isn’t it? I’m the horror guy. I’m the dark guy. I’m the guy who can’t seem to stop killing kids in his comics. Now I’m the fluffy, sweet Avril Lavigne guy.


The book itself is a young adult horror/tragedy aimed at the 15 to 17 year old market in Asia. If you know anything about the global horror movement, you know nobody does it like Asia. So we were given a great deal of freedom to be, well… dark.

The original title was MAKE5WISHES.COM.

I think when people read it they will be very, very surprised by it. Particularly by the second volume. All my standard themes and elements are in place. Herein you will find my humanist-based horror, my pathological obsession with loneliness, and my usual parade of flawed human beings struggling against the very way of things.

While it is seeing publication in North America, it was written specifically for the Japanese and Korean markets (where Avril commands a massive army of fans) and will be part of a considerable push to produce comics for a downloadable market. The current plan to digitally distribute this narrative is the most exciting aspect of the project to me and is the brainchild of Nettwerk Entertainment, which is run by Terry McBride (click here to see compassionate capitalism in action and the real reason why I am proud to work with Nettwerk). I think the digital aspect of this project will go a long way in helping to keep comics relevant as modes of distribution shift.

So there it is, kids.

From Conan to Avril Lavigne in one fell swoop of the mighty pen.

The first volume hits April 10th.

Here’s the House of Parlance website, they put this whole deal together.

You can pre-order the book from Random House.


UPDATE! We made The Onion!

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