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Okay, unfortunately we didn’t have this new web feature up in enough time to beat the printing on issue 1 of Unknown Soldier, so it’s not promoted in the book this month, but my web guy, John Poulos, has created an awesome new web page to flesh out the reading experience.

Click here to see it. No. Really… do it. Click there.

Okay, you need more? How about this… we’ve taken 5 pages of the new issue #1 and broken them down into script, layouts, pencils, inks, colors and letters. You can fully peruse Alberto’s process. Tight, non?

Breakdown of page 12 from Unknown Soldier #1

There’s also a write up of the history of the IDP camps by yours truly, some photographs I took while I was there and some links and video to help the reader better understand life in the camps.

Pencils. Page 12

We’re going to do this every single month for the first story arc. So check in after reading each issue! It still needs a little work, we want to figure out a way to allow you to study the process more, compare script to page and stuff like that, but for now it’s still pretty cool!


Also, my website is about to be completely redone, we’ll be going live with it soon. When that’s finished, this page will have a link off of the home site.

Please spread the word on this. We worked too hard for people not to know about our little page that illuminates so much more of the Unkwon Soldier’s world!

Colors by Oscar Celestini

No, really, please Click here!!


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