Only Mildly Irritating!

Holy shit! We made one of my favorite weeklies, The Onion!!


And we’re only “Mildly Irritating”! Hell, we made it across the halfway point, we’re rolling on into “tolerable” country, baby!! Once our children are assimilated and speak the language they will be fully recognized as “Tolerable” citizens, meanwhile MTV’s Engaged & Underage won’t see legitimacy for generations to come.

In being rated as “Mildly Irritating” we join the likes of “Blades of Glory” and “Edy’s American Idol Themed Ice Cream”! YES!!

When I took this gig I really didn’t understood just how big Avril was. I mean, I had heard her name and all, but I don’t watch MTV, I don’t see mainstream films, I don’t even listen to radio stations that play commercials. I’m totally out of the cultural loop, so I simply never imagined all this attention being aimed at our little story. But last time I googled “Avril” and “Manga”, one million seven hundred thousand hits came up. Jesus Christ!!

For the last three weeks I’ve been getting emails from my readers asking me to explain myself. You see, they expect a certain kind of product from me, and this ain’t it. And you know what? I love it. I love that I’m throwing my readers for a loop. I love that the media is shit storming us. I love that me, a guy with no cell phone and no car, a guy who sleeps on his floor in an apartment by the beach and has an excessive masturbation problem, has infiltrated, even on this humble level, the upper echelons of the pop-kingdom by simply writing the best story he could under the great and glamorous benefactor that is Avril Lavigne.

It’s been a funny year, kids. A funny year.

See my original thoughts on the Avril project here.


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