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Please don’t leave me. Look, you see, others love me… you could learn to love me to. If you just give it a little time.


“This is epic storytelling at its best, with plenty of sword-and-sorcery action – combined with a real-world allegory about the evils of going to war for less-than-honorable reasons – to keep any barbarian lover riveted to the page.”Wizard

It’s not really an “allegory about the evils of going to war for less-than-honorable reasons”, but that sure makes my writing sound gangster!!

“Joshua Dysart mimics Robert E. Howard’s language deftly, and weaves a tapestry of the juicy elements that made Conan stories fun to read: monsters, sorcerers, swordplay, and an emphasis on the conflict between civilization and barbarism. Conan fans everywhere should hope that Dysart is given plenty more chances to bring the Cimmerian adventurer to life. Worth the money? Absolutely.”The Comic Book Bin

Hear that Dark Horse!? Daddy wants another ride on Conan’s beefy back!



“A surprisingly profound animated manga fantasy. Whatever your thoughts on Lavigne, it’s compelling reading.”The Gaurdian Unlimited

Yes! I got a mention in The Guardian Unlimited!! One of my favorite news sites! First The Onion and now this!

“Make 5 Wishes is a disturbingly well-constructed comic with a current spin on a classic story, the Monkey’s Paw specifically. Powerful metaphors and fascinating character gradations make “Make 5 Wishes” by far the most compelling work that grafts a popular name from North American media onto the style of anime or manga.”Aint It Cool News

The sentence structure in this review is a freaking mess, but fuck it, it’s Ain’t It Cool News, a site that’s somehow managed to become a pop-culture blog of record.

“In a way, it’s almost disturbing how close to home it hits on issues of modern youth: alienation, identity, celebrity worship and screwing around on the internet (aren’t we all too familiar with that one).”Anime News Network

If you click through to only one review, make it this one. It’s fantastic! The reviewer manages to both attack and praise the book with equal verve. Both arguments are also completely valid and well constructed. Great pop-criticism.


“Make 5 Wishes is no poser manga aimed at cashing in on the Lavigne faithful but rather a compelling “be careful what you wish for” fable meticulously brought to life by Camilla d’Errico and Joshua Dysart.” Play Magazine

This review actually claims that I’m the artist and Camilla is the writer… so, you know, take it with a grain of salt.

“As it turns out, ‘Make 5 Wishes’ is great reading and the artwork is just divine.”Digital Taku

I like how surprised everyone is that the book doesn’t just totally suck.

Everybody loves a shill!!

Paul Azeceta’s Work on BPRD 1946

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These images of the comic book written by Mike Mignola and myself are from Paul’s Blog.

(For those not in the know… BPRD stands for BUREAU FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH AND DEFENSE)



Excited about the book yet?

#3 Out Today!!

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“Conan and the Midnight God is here, and by Crom, it’s exquisite.” – THE COMIC BOOK BIN

“A story that promises to take its readers beyond Howard’s tales of Conan. It stays true to the original material while adding its own flavor.” – THE COMICS REVIEW

“To my surprise, I found what might be the beginnings of the best Conan story I’ve ever read. ” – EYE ON COMICS

Click here to witness the creation process behind Midnight God #1. Compare script pages to layouts, look at pencils before and after coloring and watch the lettering pull it all together. Very cool indeed.

Comic Critique Interviews Captain Gravity!

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Seperate interviews with Sal Velluto, Bob Almond and myself can be found here!


Joshua Dysart Does Hellboy and BPRD!

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From the article on Comic Book Resources entitled NYCC, DAY 2: SCOTT ALLIE REVEALS THREE NEW HELLBOY PROJECTS FOR 2007

“Comic Book Resources: And then there’s “BPRD 1946” which I’m going to take a guess is set just when Hellboy was still a wee-un? What can you tell us about that?

Scott Allie: Yeah, so Mignola and Josh Dysart are writing this and Paul Azaceta is drawing it. Paul was our choice for Lobster Johnson at one point, but I felt he was a better choice here, and Armstrong better on The Lobster. Hellboy’s barely in this – he’s effectively not in it. He’s basically an infant at this point, and Broom is sent back to Europe to look into the remains of the Nazi Occult Bureau’s experiments, see what they were up to.

In Berlin in 1946, you had the beginnings of the Cold War – two years ago we were allies with the Russians, and now we were uncomfortably occupying – in the military sense of the word – the same space. And the Russians, of course, had their own occult specialists on the scene.”

Also I’m writing a Hellboy one-shot with Mike Mignola called “HELLBOY: THEY THAT GO DOWN IN SHIPS” to be illustrated by Jason Alexander. It will only be available with the upcoming Hellboy Video Game.

Life is good.

The amazing work of Paul Azaceta