A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

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Profoundly hyped. Critically acclaimed. Seemingly ambitious.

Profoundly hyped. Critically acclaimed. Seemingly ambitious.

Director/Writer: Ana Lily Amirpour
Staring: Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Marshall Manesh
Cinematography: Lyle Vincent

Here’s how this film got me into the theater. It sported gorgeous black and white photography, was filmed in Farsi, and was a vampire art-house flick. Behind it was the apparently unstoppable hype machine powered by Vice Films (and Kino Lorber, usually a distributor worth watching) who promoted the picture beyond its actual appeal, in part with a dishonestly paced trailer. The ingredients sounded amazing. It was the perfect bait.

But there’s simply no there there. The marketed hallmarks that made it seem different turn out to mean nothing. Read more

My week in music – Sept. 6 to Sept. 13, 2014

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I listen to a lot of new music. This is what spoke to me this week.

Don’t Let the Fuckers get you Down/Dream Baby Dream


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Politics and ethics in Unknown Soldier & Harbinger

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preview-harbinger-0-by-joshua-dysart-mico-sua-L-STPansI was recently hit with some questions about the presence of politics and ethical enquiry in my Unknown Soldier and Harbinger comics. I liked the places these questions made me go to in thinking about my characters and why I’ve made certain creative decisions, so I’m sharing some thoughts on that here…
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Here’s a nice little interview about Harbinger and Unknown Soldier, and about my process. Check it!

Excerpt: ““I wanted to be everything when I was growing up. A scientist, a historian, an adventurer and a journalist. A pacifist and a pugilist. I wanted to spend my life in a room with one window looking out at the mountain contemplating the arc of all things, and I wanted to be out on that mountain always doing and living and never being able to see the mountain for being on the face of it. I wanted to always be learning new things. I wanted to love and understand all people. It turned out that there’s only one way to be everything and do everything and always stay a student and openly love and hate and struggle for understanding. And that’s to be a writer.”

Barry Kittson, from Harbinger #15

Barry Kittson, from Harbinger #15

Resource War

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Relampago! Created by Judge Garza in Corpus Christi, Tx. On record as the first Latino American superhero.

Sometime last year I was asked to contribute, with other creators from the broad spectrum of “Geek Culture”, to a collection of essays. The point of the collection, as I understood it, was to create a sense of empowerment in young people who identified as geeks and were getting some grief because of it. So, basically, stories in which we, the authors, had felt embattled for who we were and what we loved, and how we coped.

The collection hasn’t come out yet, but I’ve decided to post my essay here in advance. It’s about a lot of things. Mostly it’s about the 1980’s Role Playing Game scare and how that affected the bible belt community in which I lived as an avid gamer. But it’s also about my first comic book store in Corpus Christi, and the legendary man who ran it, Judge Margarito C. Garza, creator of the first Latino American superhero. And it’s about my family, about how I was raised (the dark and the light of it), and the part that geek culture played in politicizing me. Basically it’s comics, role playing games, family and politics. It’s all here.

It’s not a honed piece of writing. I’m not sure if it deserves to be published. It’s pretty wild and broad in its swing, but I present it for anyone interested in the great “Role Playing Scare” of the 80’s, or for any other South Texan who might remember those fine and perfect days at Collector’s World, and would like to read my recollections on the Judge who ran it, and hear how he managed to change my life.

For those who give it a read, I thank you.

Here’s a link to the PDF: Resource War

And here’s an excerpt from the the opening to see if you’re feeling it… Read more