Conan and Captain Gravity News

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Before I get clever and pimpy on all you delicious cats and kittens, I need a favor.

If any of you speak German or Russian fluently (preferably as a first language) I’d love to use you as a resource on my current project. All I need to do is email you a handful of phrases in English once in a blue moon (very few and very short) and have you email me back the translations so that I can look clever while demonizing your people and fictionalizing your past on the altar of all out comic book pulp.

For the Russian it would be awesome if you could phonetically translate it, since the Cyrillic alphabet, while beautiful, is completely alien to the Western eye. Therefore, it is bad and can be given no love (sorry, God’s law, not mine).

Please help.

Thank you.


Okay, on to the boring stuff. The self-promotion shim sham! I’ll do the best busking I can and you’ll stay, gawk and throw a dollar in the hat or you’ll simply move on.


MG 1.jpg

YESSSSSS!!! Barbarian hordes! Crafty political wizards! A profound emotional loss for an older, wiser Conan! Armies on the march! Every man for himself and Crom against all! Check it out.

MG 2.jpg
Jason Alexander’s fantastic cover to #2. Due out in Feb.

Here’s the coolest thing ever, follow this link to Dark Horse’s really neat feature page. No, really, click on that link right now. It’s a flash program that shows the comic book creation process from script to thumbnails to pencils to coloring to lettering and it includes the first six pages of issue #1. It’s dope. Easily the finest online promotion that I’ve been a part of so far.

Notice when reading the script just how over descriptive my panels are and how well Will Conrad (artist) still manages to find the absolute heart of every image. Also, Juan Ferreyra isn’t just a colorist. He’s a goddamned magician. Take the time to look at how he communicates further information about the narrative with the use of color. And his pallet is fantastic! I’m a lucky, lucky little writer boy! Anyway, please check out this online Dark Horse feature. I want the people I care about to see it. It legitimizes the process of creating comics, and that can only be good.

MG 3.jpg
Cover to issue #3. Due in March.

In other Conan news, Emmett from Comic Book Resources came over to my apartment recently and talked with me for a while about the book, you can read the article he banged out here.

MG 45.jpg
Cover to #4. Due in April

I’ll be doing a double-shift signing at the singed, but still alive and kicking Comic Bug on Jan. 17. From 11 am – 2 pm and then again from 5 pm – 9 pm. Come get soaked to the bone in a little Dysart… yeah, baby… that’s it… you’re feeling that aren’t you… mmmmmhmmm.

The Comic Bug
41015 N Aviation Blvd # C
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, US

The Comic Bug, after it’s epic Thanksgiving Day fire

A special thank you to everyone who made this Conan series happen. Scott Allie, Matt Dryer, Will Conrad, Juan Ferreyra, Jason Alexander, the Comicraft crew, Rachel Edidin, Laine Trzinski, Jonathan Quesenberry and yes, even Tone Rodriguez (For hanging out with me in the park. That was a good day, Brother).



Cg 1.jpg

It’s finally in stores!!! I wrote this book between 2002 and 2003, when I was a young pup in the “getting paid to write” game. Now you can actually read it!

The story goes a little something like this. It’s 1939. A black superhero – who is played by a white guy in the movie serials – fights magic wielding Nazi mutants. Cha cha ca. The comic book has become known for it’s masterpiece theatre-type characterization which is then squeezed in between exploding zeppelins, flying Atlantean ships, skull faced villains, damsels in distress, submarine battles and the Cuban Missile Crises (well, it doesn’t all take place in ’39).

It’s got lots of pages too! Like, way over a hundred! Some say it’s two hundred pages! Holy Moses! Plus the trade has a new 30-page story that takes place in Munich in 1925 as the German Workers’ Party is coming to power.

Get you’re pulp on, Bitches!

I am now going to blatantly stroke my ego in front of you with all the grace of a masturbating baboon in a third world zoo. Here’s what the critics, who are read by no one, said…

“Writer Joshua Dysart evokes Golden Age Hollywood at the dawn of World War II through compelling period details, while launching the characters into a story that mixes action-adventure tropes of the day with a more post-modern sense of realism. Captain Gravity pushes the same buttons as other inspired-by-serials stories, but Dysart tells a much deeper, more graceful story than any of those works have managed.”

The Las Vegas Weekly

CG 25.jpg

“Looking through the book before reading it I was struck by the art – flawless. Every character, every background, every color, it is all there and it is all correct. No part of it detracts. Instead, every picture excites with clean story-telling and rich artwork. Each character is distinct; each detail is referenced. Without reading a word, this book works.”

Silver Bullets Comic

“Dysart and team’s conception resonates with comics and pulp history. Its devices are stock but never unlovable. The action is relentless. Yet this is by no means the usual rehashing job. Sal Velluto’s art is so in tune with the thirties Hollywood story that you can almost hear soundtrack music. A fresh and loving homage to the pulps, early comics, and sci-fi movie serials.”

– Booklist Magazine

You can find an interview here with the amazing Pencil and Ink team of Sal Velluto and Bob Almond.

If you’d like to support a company that donates heavily to the Republican Party you can buy the book at

If you’d like to support a company that donates heavily to the Democratic party you’re shit out of luck, since Powells Books isn’t carrying it yet. (Write them!)

If you want to support comic book retailers who struggle day in and day out to put food on their tables, politics be damned, check out The Comic Shop Locator Service. You just type in your area code and every store in your area will come up. You can also call toll free 1-888-COMIC BOOK (1-888-266-4226)


It’s been a long time coming and it wouldn’t have happened at all if it wasn’t for Courtney Huddleston, Michelle Nichols, Pamela Miltenberger, Marlaine Maddux, Sal Velluto, Bob Almond, Mike Garcia, and again, the inventors of digital lettering at Comic Craft. Also thanks to Cynthia Palormo, Pam Johnston, Andre’ McBride, Charles M. Hancock, Trainor Houghton and Ken White, Jr.




For those few who felt called by my Swamp Thing run, you might be interested in reading my final thoughts on my two year stint with the moss man. Comic book journalist Bill Baker slings the questions. The interview can be found here.


For two blissful years of writing Swamp Thing I’d like thank Jon Vankin, Karen Berger, Pornsak Pichetshote, Enrique Breccia, Martin Breccia, Timothy Green II, Ronald Wimberly, Richard Corben, Dean Ormston, Jock, John Totleben, Eric Powell, Phil Ballsman, Casey Seijas, Julie Poulos and Laine Trizinski.



If you made it this far, I love you. If you didn’t, I love you. Come down to the beach some day and let me confess my sins to you over mimosas.

Happy New Year, may all your birds spend the next 365 days in flight and may your heart never be a latchkey child.

Joshua Dysart.

PS: If you hate me, let me know and I’ll gladly remove you from these annoying mail outs.

Peter Boyle Passes By…

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Peter Boyle-2.JPG

Peter Boyle, died yesterday at 71 after battling multiple myeloma and heart disease.

“He’d made his breakthrough… in the title role of Joe, the 1970 film in which he starred as a bigoted hard-hat construction worker who wreaked a murderous vengeance upon that era’s hippies. Joe briefly stereotyped the prematurely-balding Boyle as a conservative icon, “It was a very strange experience,” Boyle once told The New York Times. “People coming up and saying, ‘That’s what they ought to do with all these hippies.’ I was in an identity crisis.” That’s because Joe’s opinions couldn’t have been further from Boyle’s own life and many of his acting choices, which tended to be leftist and countercultural. Let me just throw this fact out for a start: John Lennon was the best man at Boyle’s 1977 wedding to Laraine Alterman, one of the first prominent female rock-music writers. (They had two children.)”

Full article here.

Comic Bug Fire Sale!

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Support these cats! They’re my friends!

From: The Comic Bug
Date: Nov 29 2006 12:09 AM


Here’s a tip kids: Don’t cheapen out and try to make your own heroin. We learned this the hard way, so you don’t need to. Store bathrooms make poor drug labs, and the money you think you’re saving will just go into repairing the damage. It’s bad news.

Okay, yes, our store caught on fire. But no, it wasn’t because Mike left his crack sitting on some old, flammable back issues overnight, nor because I was trying to cook a Thanksgiving turkey in the microwave wrapped in tin foil, nor because Jun’s Japanese translation of the term “Fire Sale” was far too literal. The cause is yet unknown, but we’ve got our eyes on you, Geoffrey’s Comics…

Here’s the deal:
We knew we were going to have an After-Thanksgiving Sale, we just didn’t know it would be THIS good. Due to the tragic yet delicious flash-frying/mesquite-smoking of most of our product, we are blowing everything out at BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE. Trades, back issues, heroclix, fireworks, you name it! All buy one, get one, except for this week’s shipment of new comics, which avoided the fire altogether. And the products aren’t nearly as damaged as our sale would indicate; we just are pressed into a position now where we need to liquidate everything, so that we can find a new store somewhere in the area and restock it with new, post-Crisis product. Plus, we wouldn’t dream of selling you anything that wasn’t in perfect, mint shape for full retail price. I mean, this is Manhattan Beach; you’d have your lawyers on us like stink on a Frenchman.

At any rate, come enjoy the best comics sale you’ll ever see, at our expense. We need you, your courage, your moral support, and your money.
In fact, we were thinking of selling commemorative broken glass shards from our front door (which was smashed when the firefighters broke in. Can’t they just knock??), but stupid Ebay keeps taking the listings off. Whatever.

We..ll be there for this week..s shipment, and next week..s, and as long as it takes to find us a new home. So come by and check out the damage, our new space-like pods, and laugh as we try to sell you comics like a garage sale run by gypsies. And then get out your credit card, because it’ll work. My mother was half-gypsy.

For more on the fire, go to our website at or check out our latest blog right here on myspace. Or just go to the store and ask us. But please; no smoking.

always and forever
-The Bug

Best Comic Book Of The Year Announced!

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By me…

Yes, this is just my opinion, but the best comic book published in 2006 was David Petersen’s amazing MOUSE GUARD, published by Archaia Studios Press.


Amazingly visualized, MOUSE GUARD tells the story of a coming war between separate factions of Mouse Nation while using the trappings of a fantasy narrative.


There’s intrigue and politics and all of that jazz, but mostly there are a ton of super cute mice kicking some serious ass. I cannot express the delight I get when I flip through each new issue. Everything is so beautiful, the pallet, the page layouts, the minimal dialog and rich open story… this is just damn good comics.


And its great for kids too. The language is clean, the gore level is low, the stories are adventurous, the mice are too cute for words (did I mention cute mice?) and if your child can’t follow exactly everything in the story, the art and excitement will keep them engaged. So if you want something cool for Christmas that will get an 8 to 10-year-old reading, this just might do the trick.

This was, hands down, the most satisfying comic book to hit since ELK’S RUN (my vote for best comic of 2005)

And for those keeping score, I felt that SHAOLIN COWBOY was the best book of 2004.

If you’re not hip to this stuff make the effort.

I’ll do the Best Graphic Novel/Collected Trade soon.

You Tube Jack Kirby Interview

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“I went to the bible and came up with Galactus.”