My New Conan Series Solicited for Jan.!

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There’s a full page add on the inside front cover of Previews. The closest I’ve ever come to the actual cover!

Click here for the full solicitation of CONAN AND THE MIDNIGHT GOD

Note: Tone Rodriguez is no longer the artist on the book despite what the solicitation says. It’s now Will Conrad.

Check it out…


Smells Like Booty: A musical map of the 20th Century

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Holy Jesus, somebody worked their asses off on this. This thing is fucking epic!

YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT!! Play it while cleaning. Play it while taking a bath. Play it while doing your taxes. Play it while waterboarding a terrorist. Play it while getting high. Play it over headphones. Play it under the house. Play it out your cat’s butt. Just play it. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! It includes the first sample ever, as well as the history of sampling and “smashing”. But it’s so much more than all of that. Indescribable…



And then check out this interactive History of Sampling


Other Stuff


So I know I’ve been posting a lot about music lately, and people who know me know that music fuels me. However, they also know that I must be obsessed about the coming midterm elections. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’ve been so slammed with work that I’ve got no time to follow politics (which is exactly why the lower classes have such a hard time participating in the democratic process… no time to get involved when you have to struggle just to put food on the table).

Anyway, I’ll get back to the politics when I can. Let me just say this. Anytime a single party has control of the House and the Senate, our democracy is rendered meaningless. The fact that both parties want complete control of the process blows my mind. They really don’t realize how valuable the other side is to the vast debate that makes up this lumbering social experiment – still very much in the making – called The United States of America.

Vote to redistribute the power.

And listen to the awesome track posted above.



Nirvana’s “LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT!!” finally on DVD

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To celebrate the release of the rock doc. epic “LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT!!”, the only film about Nirvana conceived by the band, I present you with this rare interview from the UK.

God bless Rock and Roll.

Unfortunately CSI: Miami will “prominently feature several Nirvana recordings” in a November episode with more in contemplation.

“You will never see Kurt Cobain’s music in a fast-food hamburger advertisement .. that won’t ever happen. We’re looking at things that relate to cutting-edge technologies, products that are green and eco-friendly, products that Kurt would have liked to have his music represented by.” – Primary Wave’s CEO.

Check out the Forbes article “Smells Like New Revenue”.

Remember that baby diving after that dollar bill? Kurt is well and truly dead. Long live Kurt.

(Thanks to

MOUSE ON MARS coming to LA!!

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Mouse on Mars!!

Here’s their Myspace page

I’m so jazzed about this show!!

The Echo. November 2nd!

Music soooo goood… I… must… lick… it…. AHHHHHH!!!

Celebrating Guitar Virtuosity!

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I’ve been learning to play the guitar for about a year now (with little headway – it’s just something to do when I’m not writing). My quest to understand the instrument has opened my eyes to the beauty of more technically obsessive musicians. Lately I’ve been taking great pleasure in listening intently to the music of the people below. Watching them play is like having an anatomy lesson in the instrument. They dissect every potential that lies hidden in the fret board. If you’re into it, click on some of these videos and see what I mean.

Eric Mongrain

Stanley Jordan

Kaki King

Don Ross

And my personal favorite, the eternally soulful…

Mimi Fox