Home on the Red Range. The Ostern.

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White Sun of the Desert (1969) is one of the most popular Russian films of all time and is ritually watched by cosmonauts before space launches.

The Ostern, or “Eastern” – not to be confused with the Red Western (Eastern European films that took place in the American West) – was the Soviet and Eastern Bloc riff on the Western film genre. They were made from the late 50’s and on into the 80’s, with the high-water mark being hit in the 70’s. The adventure, action and comedy took place on the steppes and in the Asian parts of the Soviet Union and tended to chronicle the Russian Revolution and the Civil War that followed it. Read more

What the Hell is Happening in Anaheim? (Chaos Outside the Walls of Disneyland)

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“What we have here is concentrated power in the hands of a wealthy minority, a working-class and working-poor Latino majority that feels it has no voice coupled with completely uneven distribution of the city’s resources. And then, the deaths of two young Latino men in the span of one weekend. We want this to be the happiest place on earth, but it’s not for those of us who live here…” - Jose Moreno, California State University-Long Beach professor, serves on the Anaheim City School Board and president of Los Amigos Orange County, a community organization.

West County SWAT watches over protestors along Ball Road in the City of Anaheim.

Tensions between the hispanic community and the local police department in Anaheim – the city that houses Disneyland – have been escalating for some time. Now it seems the boiling point has finally been reached. Read more

Six Whole Pages from Harbinger #3

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Harbinger #3 is coming (August 15!) and Comic Bastard has a phat-ass preview for all you psiot-heads.

It starts like this…

Then gets better.

Check it.

Igor Kordey & Darko Macan: Texas Kid, My Bro

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Igor Kordey. The outstanding Croatian artist behind the first six killer covers of the “Unknown Soldier: Haunted House” arc has completed the first chapter of a web-comic over at Act-i-Vate with past collaborator and multiple Eisner nominee Darko Macan. Click on the image to read the comic. It goes without saying that it looks gorgeous.

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Tribute to Romanadvoratrelundar

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Mary Tamm, the beautiful, smart English actress who played the first incarnation of one of the great “Doctor Who” companions in the show’s history - Romanadvoratrelundar (but she prefers Fred) – passed away a few days ago at the very young age of sixty-two after an 18-month battle with cancer.

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