Peter Boyle Passes By…

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Peter Boyle, died yesterday at 71 after battling multiple myeloma and heart disease.

“He’d made his breakthrough… in the title role of Joe, the 1970 film in which he starred as a bigoted hard-hat construction worker who wreaked a murderous vengeance upon that era’s hippies. Joe briefly stereotyped the prematurely-balding Boyle as a conservative icon, “It was a very strange experience,” Boyle once told The New York Times. “People coming up and saying, ‘That’s what they ought to do with all these hippies.’ I was in an identity crisis.” That’s because Joe’s opinions couldn’t have been further from Boyle’s own life and many of his acting choices, which tended to be leftist and countercultural. Let me just throw this fact out for a start: John Lennon was the best man at Boyle’s 1977 wedding to Laraine Alterman, one of the first prominent female rock-music writers. (They had two children.)”

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