Post Midterms!

Poll workers at the Garden Valley Neighborhood House in Cleveland gathered around an electronic voting machine to try to get it working, in one of many precincts nationwide with such problems.

So lets do the math kids…

Democrats take 28 seats in the House, gaining overwhelming control.

A democratic woman from San Francisco is the first female Speaker of the House in the history of our country.

Nancy Pelosi makes herstory

The Senate is still in play and could, very likely, go Democrat… giving the Dems control of both the House and Senate.

Tester, a Democrat who has just called himself the winner – literally as I’m writing this post – in the race against Senator Conrad Burns of Montana, prepares for an early morning television interview. This along with Virginia may go to recount. The Senate hangs in the balance.

South Dakota rejected a law that would have banned virtually all abortions.

Arizona became the first state to defeat an amendment to ban gay marriage. (A total of eight states voted on amendments to ban gay marriage: Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin approved them).

Missouri approved a measure backing stem cell research.

The corrupt and manipulative diva behind 2000 voting irregularities, Katherine Harris, has finally been handed her walking papers.

Santa Monica California has ostensibly legalized Marijuana, saying that it is now, “a least priority crime.”


Other great news for my worldview.

Minimum wage hikes passed in Arizona, Colorado. Missouri, Montana, Ohio and Nevada.

Voters in Arizona and South Dakota approved increases in tobacco taxes

However, proving that we are still a nation divided. On the right…

Michigan, voters took a swipe at affirmative action, deciding that race and gender should not be factors in deciding who gets into public universities or who gets hired for government work. Arizona made English the state’s official language. Nevada and Colorado voters rejected measures that would have legalized possession of up to an ounce of marijuana by anyone 21 and older. South Dakotans voted down a proposal that would have allowed marijuana use for some medical purposes.

So there you go, the scoreboard.

Last night was amazing. But I must also curtail my enthusiasm. I don’t believe democracy works when a single party is in control. What I like to see is this country, which is obviously very divided, fall into a balanced center where we all – leftist bastards, like my self, and right wing nuts – can feel at least some margin of representation. But Bush’s legacy is sealed. He is someone who uses the politics of division and sidesteps the substantive issues for the trendy rhetoric, obviously causing wild swings in the electorate. And last night his game was shown to be all played out.

So it goes.


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