STTRADE.jpg A major landmark in my career as a raconteur has happened. SWAMP THING: LOVE IN VAIN Written by me (Joshua Dysart), with art and covers by Enrique Breccia, Timothy Green II and John Totleben, has hit the shelves of comic book stores and major book chains all over the world. I couldn’t be more proud. It collects the first two story arcs – “Love in Vain” and “A Measure of Faith” – from my current run. Expect demons in love, bounty hunters from Hell, Louisiana juju, metaphysical ponderance, preachers from other dimensions and a spaceship made entirely of living human bodies. It’s a beautiful thing: gory, philosophical, tender and violent. Low pulp in a high-minded fashion.

No matter what happens now, even if tomorrow every publisher in the industry decides, collectively, that I’m a no talent hack, they can’t take this away. It’s in print, and available for order… FOREVER! I have, undeservedly, joined the ranks of Len Wein, Alan Moore, and Rick Veitch, all fantastic writers who have had their Swamp Thing runs collected, and it can never, ever, ever be taken away from me! EVER!! Even if I climb a clock tower outside of a mall and start popping off hollow points at soft, undereducated, overconfident, sexually repressed shoppers with a high-powered mail order rifle… Josh 2 (2).jpg This book will still be in print!! Hell, sales would go through the roof! However, if there’s to be future collections of my work then this needs to sell well. So, I’m asking for your help. There are three ways in which you can support my humble endeavors… 1. BUY THE BOOK!! If you’re a fan of intelligent horror stories, a fan of comic books, if you know a fan of comic books or if you’re just a fan of the lazy carbuncle-on-life known as Joshua Dysart, please, find it in your heart to go to a store and drop $14.95 into the well in exchange for this book. If you can pick it up in a comic book store that’s cool. It might up the orders on the monthly if retailers sell a lot of trades. Plus, comic book stores desperately need your business… they’re not like porn shops, I promise. Some of them are very nice inside. Here’s the link to The Comic Shop Locator Service. They can help you find a store near you. You can also access the Comic Shop Locator Service by calling toll free: 1-888-COMIC BOOK (1-888-266-4226). But if you must buy it in a major bookstore chain that’s cool too, it’s still a sale. Want to buy it online? Awesome, go for it. But if you can find it in your heart, please, please, buy it. 2. PERFORM COVERT COMMUNICATIONS OPERATIONS TO SPREAD THE MEME! If you can’t buy it, then at least call one comic book store in your hood and ask for it! Ping ’em. Make sure they know it’s out there. Keep it on their radar. 3. REVIEW IT ONLINE!! If you’re a professional writer in the industry or a comic book reviewer, please take the time to lavish ridiculous praise on the book! Or, I guess the truth will do too. If you’re not in the “professional” reviewing game then you can still go to AMAZON and spew on and on about how it changed your life to other potential buyers! WARNING A) This book is not for kids. It’s heady and violent and has an experimental narrative structure that they probably won’t dig on anyway. B) This is a complicated character with a great deal of back story, so while it is a self contained read, it also does rely on past “occurrences” for much of it’s emotional resonance. It’s sort of like tuning into a soap opera mid-season, except that this soap opera has monsters fucking in it!! And remember, you don’t have to read it, you just have to buy it. That’s it for me. Thanks for listening! Here are some fun links regarding this momentous occasion: Here’s a review of issue #11 (included in the collected trade), in which we received the highest rating this respectable website had to offer. Here’s a further breakdown of the two stories as well as some of the interior art. And here’s the solicitation for my first trade ever published, collecting my co-creator-owned series from 2001, VIOLENT MESSIAHS BOOK OF JOB. Thanks!!

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