Your Big Ass Trailer Dump: Malick Does Superman, Anderson Does Scientology, Cronenberg Does DeLillo

Man of Steel

We’ve all seen the teaser trailer for “Man of Steel”, right? Of course we have.

I’m not a Zach Snyder fan. I find his directing more at home in a video-game cut scene than on a movie screen. So imagine my surprise when the new teaser trailer came out of the oven smelling for all the world like a genuine, heartfelt, wide-eyed Terrence Malick flick.

Here watch it again…

Now watch the extraordinary Tree of Life trailer.

Okay, maybe the “Man of Steel” trailer isn’t that good, but still… wow. I would go so far as to say they just might have nailed it.

But wait! I’ve seen the terrible stills released last year. I’ve seen the awful, dull-colored costume that’s textured to the point of looking like rubber chainmail. I’ve seen the over stylized S. I know who’s writing it (David S. Goyer – shutter) and yes, who’s directing it. The teaser is a pleasant surprise, as is the mention on the IMDB page of Michael Shannon as General Zod (the link takes you to a great video of Shannon talking about the role). I’ll be paying more attention to this project as it unfolds.

The only thing that comes close to discovering a new filmmaker that you love, is watching one you’ve never cared for mature into something interesting. Perhaps this is Snyder’s moment.

The film is being photographed by Amir Mokri, who’s resume is long, but not particularly impressive. So far though, this looks great.

The Master

Speaking of filmmakers who matured into something interesting…

For years I didn’t understand the appeal of Paul Thomas Anderson. I thought “Boogie Nights” was so far up the ass of “Goodfellas” stylistically, structurally and tonally that it was impossible to take seriously as its own film at all. I thought “Magnolia” was a pretentious travesty. I was in the minority with these opinions and that was fine. I’m often in the minority in these things.

But then “Punch Drunk Love” came along, and while it had some of the same problems as the other two films, at least it started to show a unique voice. My opinion completely turned, however, with the brilliant “There Will Be Blood“. While Anderson was still leaning heavily on his influences (in that instance Stanley Kubrick), the script was lean and mean and focused. The camera was disciplined, the acting explosive and the music minimal, unhinged and driving. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

And just like that, I became excited for Anderson’s next film…

Photographed by Mihai Malaimare Jr. – whose been shooting all the averagely written, but amazing looking Francis Ford Coppola films lately – The Master features the gret Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Dern and Amy Adams (who’s also in the Man of Steel). It chronicles the early days of Scientology, which is thinly veiled to avoid the hyper-litigiousness of the organization in question.

I love this trailer. I love this vibe. I’m jazzed for this flick.

Here’s a link to an interesting VILLAGE VOICE article comparing the true history of Scientology and Anderson’s screenplay.



And then there’s the director I’ve been in love with since I was eleven years old.

My first exposure to David Cronenberg was when “Scanners” assaulted the hell out of me on HBO in the summer of 1982. If you’re familiar with Scanners at all and you’ve also read the first issue of my “Harbinger” series, you might have noticed a link between the opening scenes in my comic and the movie.

Cronenberg has never made a film that wasn’t interesting and he’s made several that I’ve loved. I can’t think of many filmmakers from my youth who have so reliably entertained me. His constant balance between pure trash and absolute class have been a major inspiration on my own work and my struggle toward high thematic ambitions inside of pulp narratives. He may never have created a single masterpiece, but if you take his entire creative body, you get a consistency of quality and voice that is rare in any creator with more than three decades of stories under his belt.

His last film was the super engaging “A Dangerous Method”.



Let’s break this down, shall we? It’s based on a Don DeLillo book. It stars Samantha Morton and Juliette Binoche (and that dude, from “Twilight”. Good for him. Hope he rises to the challenge). And is photographed by Peter Suschitzky, who shot the motherfuckin’ “Empire Strikes Back” bitches! (And “Kull”, and “Rockey Horror Picture Show”, and a whole slew of previous other Cronenberg films).

I’m looking forward to it.

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