Thank God for lEDs

The completely insane zealots of The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) of Topeka, Kansas will be protesting the funeral of Marine Cpl. Jennifer M. Parcell – at 9:15 a.m., Fri., Feb. 16 – at Oak Grove Bapt. Church, 2106 Churchville Rd., Bel Air, Maryland, just as they have at so many other troop funerals. They intend on exposing the grieving family to hate mongering like this…


Click here for a PDF of their flyer, promoting the event. I’ve chosen some choice bits from it and printed them below. See if you can follow their logic…

God Himself Has Now Become America’s Terrorist, Killing and Maiming American Troops in Strange Lands for Fag Sins.


America bombed our church with an IED made by fag students at Washburn Univ. in Topeka. In His
retaliatory wrath, God is killing Americans with Muslim IEDs: “Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and
do my prophets no harm.” 1 Chron. 16:22. “For it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the
Lord.” Rom. 12:19. God Almighty killed Army Cpl. Jennifer Parcell. She died in shame, not honor – for a fag nation cursed by God: “Buried with the burial of an ass.” Jer. 22:19. Then to Hell with her soldier pals.

The thing is, in all the photos of their protests I’ve never see more than 2 people in an image at a time. Not much of a rally. So they’re certainly fringe in appeal and ultimately irrelevant. But the sorrow they bring to these grieving families shows a pathological lack of compassion (never mind their profound disconnect from reality).

Ultimately the real problem with the world today is extremists, be they Muslim, Christian, Leftist, Conservative or other. Extremism is a cancer that blinds reason. And it only takes a few extremists to ignite a situation. The willingness towards hate and violence is a valuable tool for a fringe minority who can never gain legitimacy for their outmoded and threatened memes. And the true danger of their work is that we, on the other side of their wrath, begin to hate them in return (Westboro Baptist Church was, themselves, bombed on August 20, 1995. They now attribute that incident with “bringing down the unmitigated and irreversible wrath of God upon this evil nation, manifesting itself in the daily bloody IED-deaths of American soldiers in Iraq and other places”). Extremism’s greatest asset is its capacity to turn us all into extremists ourselves.

PS: From the research I’ve done it seems like they’re a small group of imbalanced individuals with an unhealthy fixation on homosexuality (suggesting possible latent tendencies in their leadership) who fashion themselves to be at the center of God’s eye. They, as a collective, must’ve been deeply emotionally traumatized when an explosion, aimed at them, hit near their home. Six years later, following the true path of the delusional, they latched on to the 9-11 incident and convinced themselves that God was finally punishing all of America for not hearing their message and for raising a hand against them. The level of self-righteousness and self-absorption is staggering. They actually believe that all post 9-11 events stem from their primary message and how that message is being treated. How unimaginative, one dimensional and essentially abusive their God is. Only a coward would bow down before such a petty fucker.

Cpl. Jennifer M. Parcell, 20, was killed Feb. 7 “while supporting combat operations” in Anbar province, according to a Feb. 8 Defense Department release. She is the fifth female Marine killed in Iraq since 2003 (Photo courtesy Candace Atwood).

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