The Stain

House foreclosed on? Ties to Goldman Sachs making you culpable for the looming economic collapse? Felt like Palin was winking at you personally, manically, during the VP debate, as if to say “you liberal commie, I’m going to expand the constitutional power of the VP office and there’s nothing you can do about it!”?

Well, fuck it! I come baring FREE COMICS!!

Myspace Dark Horse Presents is currently running an eight-page comic called THE STAIN, which I wrote and art monster Ron Wimberly drew!

It’s based on a true story! Huh! Go figure!

Click here and enjoy!

Do it! Do it right now!! CLICK ON IT!


Wasn’t that funny?!

But wait there’s more…

For you BPRD 1946 fans who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the collected trade (November 5, kids!), here’s a video interview in which I discuss the project.

There are two more parts to the above interview and they’re equally boring, but if you must, they can be viewed here.

And below is Ron Wimberly, flouting his raw sex appeal during an interview at San Diego Comic Con where he was found just kicking it with MF Grimm… because yes, in fact, that’s how Ron rolls.

Now go read comics!!

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