The way you interface is about to change…

The firm, Emotiv, is developing a brain-wave detecting video game headset.

From the article on’s The Machinist

“Thinking my way through a video game was terrific fun. The warrior-master asked me to clear my mind, and then to imagine myself levitating a boulder a few feet off the ground. I concentrated, my brain working as hard as it’s ever worked. The boulder began to levitate, but as soon as it did, my excitement that the thing was working broke my concentration, and the boulder tumbled. I tried again, and this time the game responded within a second — the boulder floated off the ground. As I pushed through the warrior landscape, I was asked to move more and bigger hurdles — a mountain, a bridge I had to get across — and by the third or fourth time, the objects seemed almost to be lifting themselves. I didn’t even have to think about thinking: Simply seeing the object, comprehending that it needed to be lifted, sent it flying up. There was something very nearly magical to it.”

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