The Zimmers “My Generation”

Awesome! Old people rock!

With a combined age of more than 3,000 years, they are not the most obvious rock ‘n’ rollers. Brought together for a TV documentary, they have attracted a cult following after recording a version of The Who’s My Generation and are destined for chart stardom.

The group, which is fronted by bingo devotee Alfie Carretta, 90, were handpicked by BBC documentary-maker Tim Samuels who was shooting a hard-hitting series on the isolation of the elderly in Britain.

As the programme evolved, Samuels decided as a finale to gather his elderly subjects to make a memorable musical statement about their situation.

The project snowballed. U2’s producer Mike Hedges and Band Aid video director Geoff Wonfor became involved, and recording time was secured at the famous Abbey Road recording studios.

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