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Click here!! Quick! Click the link!! Go… now!

It’s funny!!

And here’s an unrelated dig on religion… because I know how much you like pictures…


Mars Attacks!!

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Fans of the Burton film (and I enjoy it myself), feast now upon what could have been. The following are highlights from the actual bubble gum trading card series…







For all the cards and the full, true, story of mankind’s… strike that… America’s war with Mars, click here.

PS: To Burton’s credit he got a lot of it right. Some of the best cards I didn’t post because they are scenes in the film. Still, the march of the giant insects subplot and the counter strike on Mars… mmm… would’ve been sweet.

Artist Of The Week: David DeVries

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“It was then, at age 33, that I decided to take all the lessons about color, action and detail and apply them to little kid’s drawings.”


David is taking the drawings of his neice, son and other children around him and turning them into stunning work.


What a wonderful way to creatively empower children, by giving deep value to their visions and showing them what a further understanding of craft can achieve.

He’s touring schools with his program. Please visit his site and support his work.

He can be found at The Monster Engine.

Still One Of the Best Web Comics Around.

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I’ve pimped it before. I’ll pimp it again. My friend, the lovable, huggable brother man Dan Goldman, has a great strip called “Kelly” and it’s still going strong. The guy is a mad graphic designer and the deeper into the work you go, the more beautiful it gets. Please do check in with it from time to time. You’ll be glad you did.

Warning: If you’re not down with extreme creative decisions and an anything goes narrative you should probably steer clear of “Kelly”. Remember, you were warned.



Also, Act-i-Vate has loads of really great web comics for free. Kill a few hours at work. Check ’em all out!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Custom Posters for Sale

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Being from boring Corpus Christi I spent a great deal of my late teens and early twenties dragging my ass up to Austin in search of a good time and a little trouble. There’s a great film house chain there where you can drink and watch flicks. I used to go to it all the time. Now I guess they do tours of cool movies all over the country, but more importantly, they’re selling their custom made print posters.

These are absolutely gorgeous.






raising arizona.jpg



And, because I’m a pretentious prick… my personal favorite…


Support these cats! Shop here!

Also, if you’re totally down with the whole custom movie poster scene, check out the work that’s been going on in Poland for the last several decades here and here.