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HOW IT GETS IN (Free Comic!)

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I’ve wanted to write a researched political post lately, but I tend to get my head stuck up inside my own ass when I do that. While not entirely unpleasant, I do find it unproductive in there.

This morning, however, I remembered HOW IT GETS IN. A 22-page comic book that Allen Gladfelter and I created three years ago. In my opinion the material is still relevant. By posting it some time after its creation, I’m able to capture a sliver of the joy that is having my head stuck up inside my own ass, but without any of the productivity loss.

So… here you go… HOW IT GETS IN

On March 20, 2003 my nation executed a bombing campaign known as “Shock and Awe” against the dictatorship of Iraq. Later that week, after a telephone discussion with Allen, I – being obsessed with the notion of war as pornography – sat down and wrote this. Originally it was to be published in a black and white horror anthology, but that anthology never materialized.

If you enjoy this story, another piece of old work by Allen and I, entitled TIME TAKES US ALL can be found here (after clicking through the link, scroll down a bit). But even if you find HOW IT GETS IN to be too oblique, weird or stupid, you should still check in with the other piece. It’s a totally different project altogether and much shorter.

personally, I’m quite fond of both. Thanks for reading.
























Pop Image Pimps Substrate!

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Recently a fabulous artist and dear friend of mine by the name of Kelly Howlett published a collection of sketches, musings and other works called SUBSTRATE. The book features an introduction by myself and is currently getting press at


They were gracious enough to include bits and pieces of my introduction as well, So link on through if you have the time.



See video of Alan Moore being polite to a kid’s show host!

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Video of early Alan Moore pimping, to kids no less, his first Swamp Thing trade and some upcomming project called WATCHMAN!

As my dear friend Den has pointed out, “Note that the script page of SWAMP THING appears to have a one page-long paragraph to describe a single panel.”

The video can be found here

Alan with Jack Kirby at San Diego Comic Con in the mid 80’s. This photo is a visual document of two pop culture gods coming together for the first time. It is not just our industry these two men changed… their visions make up part of the very substrate of our cultural imagination. Their musings have influenced every medium and individually, in their own respective generations, they challenged what comics in particular and pop culture in general could be.

Tacked on Update 8-4-06

A.V. Club With Alan Moore

A fantastic interview about his erotica opus LOST GIRLS, which has been 16 years in the making.

Onion A/V Club Interview

“Lost Girls teams up three icons of children’s literature – Alice from Alice In Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan, and Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz – and re-tells their stories with the fantasy elements stripped away, replaced by real-world sexual experiences.”

Sal Velluto’s Young Conan!!

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Sal is the wonderful artist that worked on CAPTAIN GRAVITY AND THE POWER OF THE VRIL with me. A while back he did these images of Conan at 17 years old and since they’ve never seen the light of day I thought I’d share them with you.


The rest can be found at the following links…

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Editors… please take notice!

Josh Dysart Talks About The End Of Swamp Thing

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Noted comics journalist and long time supporter of my Swamp Thing run, Bill Baker, has done a solid interview with me regarding the end of my personal saga with the big plant man.

Check it out if you’re so inclined. Here’s the link.

A page from Richard Corben’s amazingly realized issue of my Swamp Thing run.