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The Harbinger #5 Character Design Cover, featuring exclusive art and design work by comics visionary David Aja.

Its been a while since I’ve posted any news here. Harbinger is starting to edge up in the monthly pack, with sales finally reflecting some of the critical enthusiasm we’ve been getting. What does that mean exactly? It means I’ve spent the summer traveling, promoting and yes, writing, all to the detriment of this blog. But have no fear. This post is going to cover it all. Below you will see links to interviews, preview pages for upcoming issues and signing information for my appearance at New York City Comic Con this weekend. And, as always, lots and lots of lovely comic book art from lots of amazing artists who are far too talented to be involved with anything I’m writing. You ready? Okay, let’s roll it on out… Read more

IFC Thinks The Unknown Soldier Would Make A Great Film

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“The war in and around Uganda has served as the setting for a number of films in recent years… [yet] Dysart’s meticulous research and the unique spin he puts on the character make it stand out from the crowd…”

I may have finished Unknown Soldier two years ago, but the love keeps coming. Now The Independent Film Channel (through columnist Rick Marshall) says, “This series about a pacifist who discovers his dark side during the war in Uganda isn’t pretty, but it could make a great, gritty movie.”

Check out the full write up.

Thanks to my friend, my brother from another mother and my collaborator, the Italian Stallion, Alberto Ponticelli, for bringing this article to my attention.


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THAT NEW STYLE. Story by Joshua Dysart. Art and Coloring by Ryan Kelly.

Some time ago Liquid Comics approached the amazing Ryan Kelly (Saucer Country, Northlanders, Local, Lucifer) and I to do a short comic about Elvis Presley for a collection that was being commissioned by Graceland (I think). Excited to work with Ryan, who I’ve been a fan of since way back in the days of Lucifer, I lept at the chance.

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Harbinger #3 Is Out And The Reviews Are In

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Harbinger 3 is out today!

Here’s a collection of awesome links and quotes extolling the virtues of our little funny book to get you excited about your weekly visit to the local comic book shop…

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Joe Kubert Will Never Die

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From the New York Times Slideshow on Kubert

One of the absolute giants of the comic book art world, Joe Kubert, shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday (August 12, 2012) at the age of 85. There’s not much I can say about Kubert personally. I met him only once in passing. I can say how much I loved TOR and his war comics, including THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, which I had a chance to make my own (with no disrespect to the original, I hope). But there have been some absolutely lovely tributes across the internet and the least I can do is aggregate my favorites here in case you haven’t stumbled on them on your own.

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