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The ’30s and ’40s: In Living Color!

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The Library of Congress has uploaded thousands of photographs to Flickr, including tons of color photographs from the ’30s and ’40s which are just stunning, given that we pretty much always only see that era in black and white.


Click here!


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Click here!! Quick! Click the link!! Go… now!

It’s funny!!

And here’s an unrelated dig on religion… because I know how much you like pictures…



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Music and video by Cyriak

Joshua Dysart Moderates David Mack, Jessica Able and Cecil Castellucci!

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This weekend is the West Los Angeles Book Fair!

It’s a god damned literary orgy! A pow wow of epic proportions for all the
little lost weekend Indians with nothing to do.

We’re talking live performances, readings, workshops and panels spread
across 12 stages with plenty of eclectic, independent publishers in
attendance to buy from and more than 300 writers and artists pimping
their wares and strutting their stuff.

Plus a wrestling match between Gore Vidal and Wil Wheaton! That’s
right, pony up your bets bitches!

There’s also little old me (for what that’s worth). I’ll be moderating a panel
for which I am grossly unprepared. Come watch me rely entirely on the
vivacity, charisma and intelligence of my panelists!

Time: 12:15-1:15pm

Jessica Abel (Art Babe): Creator of the phenomenal Art
, which ran for the better part of the 90’s and spawned two
collections, Jessica has used the medium in the service of fiction,
autobiography and journalism. She’s also set out to educate and
advocate in the name of comics! La Perdida is her newest graphic

David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil, The Shy Creatures): Kabuki is now seven
collected trades strong and has won exactly one billion international
awards for its experimental graphic storytelling. The Shy Creatures is his
new children’s book. David Mack is 43 feet tall! You have to see it to
believe it!


Cecil Castellucci (The Plain Janes): She’s the new blood in the
industry. Her first and only graphic novel is at the center of
DC/Vertigo’s new MINX line for teens. She’s also the author of three
highly acclaimed young adult novels, and is a produced musician and

We’ll all be signing afterwards @ the Golden Apple booth in the
Comics/SciFi/Horror Pavilion!!

Come out and support!

And Spread the word!

Punch and Pie!

Click here for further information…

Or just check out the flyer…



(Warning: some of the above promotional promises were made in a state
of unchecked fervor and may indeed turn out to be absolute fiction)

Mars Attacks!!

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Fans of the Burton film (and I enjoy it myself), feast now upon what could have been. The following are highlights from the actual bubble gum trading card series…







For all the cards and the full, true, story of mankind’s… strike that… America’s war with Mars, click here.

PS: To Burton’s credit he got a lot of it right. Some of the best cards I didn’t post because they are scenes in the film. Still, the march of the giant insects subplot and the counter strike on Mars… mmm… would’ve been sweet.