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So, you know I never KICKSTART bomb. This is only the second time I’ve supported a project AND asked for your support as well. But like the last time, I think this project is incredibly important and very cool. I’ve seen a rough cut of it, and I’m behind it 100%.

MONEY FOR NOTHING: INSIDE THE FEDERAL RESERVE is a revealing, ambitious documentary film and act of balanced journalism that chronicles the last 100 years of Federal Reserve history, details the Fed’s central role in the 2008 financial meltdown, and asks whether today’s Fed policies are sowing the seeds of an even larger crisis.

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The Dark Knight Rises Sucks. A Rant.

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Sadly, Dark Knight Rises doesn’t have anything even remotely this cool looking in it.

I am shocked at how bad DARK KNIGHT RISES is.

To me Nolan, even at his best (THE PRESTIGE, MEMENTO), has never been more than a mildly interesting filmmaker. He’s ambitious in the least absorbing of ways. He’s way too pretentious to really play off the important pulp he seems to be reaching for. He habitually overcomplicates things. And yet I found DARK KNIGHT RETURNS to be pretty engaging. It certainly had many faults (some of them ideological) and it undeniably benefitted immensely from Heath Ledger’s performance. Still, it was enough to encourage me to go see RISES on the big screen.

And that’s how I found myself sitting through a three-hour exorcise in bloated, clumsy and sometimes surprisingly amateurish filmmaking. With every passing scene my initial curiosity turned to a finely honed hatred. Read more

IFC Thinks The Unknown Soldier Would Make A Great Film

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“The war in and around Uganda has served as the setting for a number of films in recent years… [yet] Dysart’s meticulous research and the unique spin he puts on the character make it stand out from the crowd…”

I may have finished Unknown Soldier two years ago, but the love keeps coming. Now The Independent Film Channel (through columnist Rick Marshall) says, “This series about a pacifist who discovers his dark side during the war in Uganda isn’t pretty, but it could make a great, gritty movie.”

Check out the full write up.

Thanks to my friend, my brother from another mother and my collaborator, the Italian Stallion, Alberto Ponticelli, for bringing this article to my attention.

Home on the Red Range. The Ostern.

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White Sun of the Desert (1969) is one of the most popular Russian films of all time and is ritually watched by cosmonauts before space launches.

The Ostern, or “Eastern” – not to be confused with the Red Western (Eastern European films that took place in the American West) – was the Soviet and Eastern Bloc riff on the Western film genre. They were made from the late 50’s and on into the 80’s, with the high-water mark being hit in the 70’s. The adventure, action and comedy took place on the steppes and in the Asian parts of the Soviet Union and tended to chronicle the Russian Revolution and the Civil War that followed it. Read more

Tribute to Romanadvoratrelundar

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Mary Tamm, the beautiful, smart English actress who played the first incarnation of one of the great “Doctor Who” companions in the show’s history - Romanadvoratrelundar (but she prefers Fred) – passed away a few days ago at the very young age of sixty-two after an 18-month battle with cancer.

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