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The Cinema & Photography Of Eric Valli

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Eric Valli’s 1999 film “Himalaya” is a beautiful anthropological act in the guise of “adventure” fiction. The first Academy Award nominated Nepalese film (albeit directed by Frenchman Valli, who has lived in Nepal since 1983), it was shot in a virtually inaccessible region of the midwestern Nepalese “uphills” and stars locals from the area. Spirited by a pitch-perfect humanist tone, the film lovingly focuses on the daily lives and traditions of the people of the upper Dolpo. Some wooden performances from the non-professional actors only serve to further clarify the movie’s honesty. It’s a wonderful viewing experience.

I haven’t seen it in several years, but now a blog post at the killer graphic design site iso50 - by musician and graphiketeer Scott Hansen – has brought Eric Valli the photographer into my life.

Valli’s work is breathtaking. I’m going to blow these images out beyond the borders of my humble page layout. I know it’s tacky, but the bigger these photographs are the better (images link to Valli’s site)…

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Your Big Ass Trailer Dump: Malick Does Superman, Anderson Does Scientology, Cronenberg Does DeLillo

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Man of Steel

We’ve all seen the teaser trailer for “Man of Steel”, right? Of course we have.

I’m not a Zach Snyder fan. I find his directing more at home in a video-game cut scene than on a movie screen. So imagine my surprise when the new teaser trailer came out of the oven smelling for all the world like a genuine, heartfelt, wide-eyed Terrence Malick flick.

Here watch it again…

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Wonderful piece of short filmmaking by Bram Schouw of the Netherlands.

Impasse from Reel 13 on Vimeo.

“The Happiness of the Katakuris”

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I know, I know, we’ve all seen this feel-good musical featuring, among other things, singing and dancing zombies. But just for fun I thought I’d throw the trailer up here. This is one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it then check this out…


Civilization at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan

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The Standard Hotel, which is a standard in LA, has recently opened in NY and according to my sources there’s an installation in the elevators behind glass.  As the elevator rises or falls, you watch this bad ass movie…

(click on image to see film)

The director is Marco Brambillo.

– thanks Jack!