LGBT Activist Talks Comics

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Patricia Jeres has been an incredible presence in my professional life. I met her almost seven years ago and she immediately took me under her wing. Patty first broke down the door to DC comics for me, then, she did it again, as part of a chorus of voices that got me my first work at Vertigo.

Now she’s on the advisory board of Prism Comics, a non-profit organization that advocates for LGBT issue awareness in comics.

She was recently interviewed during Pride Week at the Bristol Comic Con. You can listen to a streaming audio here.


Still One Of the Best Web Comics Around.

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I’ve pimped it before. I’ll pimp it again. My friend, the lovable, huggable brother man Dan Goldman, has a great strip called “Kelly” and it’s still going strong. The guy is a mad graphic designer and the deeper into the work you go, the more beautiful it gets. Please do check in with it from time to time. You’ll be glad you did.

Warning: If you’re not down with extreme creative decisions and an anything goes narrative you should probably steer clear of “Kelly”. Remember, you were warned.



Also, Act-i-Vate has loads of really great web comics for free. Kill a few hours at work. Check ’em all out!

I Just Wanted to Remind you of Neil Hamburger’s Existence

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Check out the other videos at the end of this one. All his stuff is worth watching. To me, at least. Particularly the “Tim & Eric Poolside Chats” video.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Custom Posters for Sale

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Being from boring Corpus Christi I spent a great deal of my late teens and early twenties dragging my ass up to Austin in search of a good time and a little trouble. There’s a great film house chain there where you can drink and watch flicks. I used to go to it all the time. Now I guess they do tours of cool movies all over the country, but more importantly, they’re selling their custom made print posters.

These are absolutely gorgeous.






raising arizona.jpg



And, because I’m a pretentious prick… my personal favorite…


Support these cats! Shop here!

Also, if you’re totally down with the whole custom movie poster scene, check out the work that’s been going on in Poland for the last several decades here and here.

Benny Hinn in Uganda

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Binny Hinn was in Uganda a few weeks before me, while there he filled the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Namboole. That’s thousands and thousands of people.

This from the New Vision article.

People brought in their sick to receive healing. Some people who had traveled from as far as Gulu, Arua and Mbarara districts had arrived at Namboole by midday. The two-day event has also attracted a number of people from neighboring countries including Kenya and Rwanda. “I could not miss this chance because this is the time I think my child will get her healing,” Joyce Wangari from Nairobi said as she and her child struggled to enter.

For your entertainment, one of the world’s greatest snake oil salesmen…