Comic Bug Fire Sale!

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Support these cats! They’re my friends!

From: The Comic Bug
Date: Nov 29 2006 12:09 AM


Here’s a tip kids: Don’t cheapen out and try to make your own heroin. We learned this the hard way, so you don’t need to. Store bathrooms make poor drug labs, and the money you think you’re saving will just go into repairing the damage. It’s bad news.

Okay, yes, our store caught on fire. But no, it wasn’t because Mike left his crack sitting on some old, flammable back issues overnight, nor because I was trying to cook a Thanksgiving turkey in the microwave wrapped in tin foil, nor because Jun’s Japanese translation of the term “Fire Sale” was far too literal. The cause is yet unknown, but we’ve got our eyes on you, Geoffrey’s Comics…

Here’s the deal:
We knew we were going to have an After-Thanksgiving Sale, we just didn’t know it would be THIS good. Due to the tragic yet delicious flash-frying/mesquite-smoking of most of our product, we are blowing everything out at BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE. Trades, back issues, heroclix, fireworks, you name it! All buy one, get one, except for this week’s shipment of new comics, which avoided the fire altogether. And the products aren’t nearly as damaged as our sale would indicate; we just are pressed into a position now where we need to liquidate everything, so that we can find a new store somewhere in the area and restock it with new, post-Crisis product. Plus, we wouldn’t dream of selling you anything that wasn’t in perfect, mint shape for full retail price. I mean, this is Manhattan Beach; you’d have your lawyers on us like stink on a Frenchman.

At any rate, come enjoy the best comics sale you’ll ever see, at our expense. We need you, your courage, your moral support, and your money.
In fact, we were thinking of selling commemorative broken glass shards from our front door (which was smashed when the firefighters broke in. Can’t they just knock??), but stupid Ebay keeps taking the listings off. Whatever.

We..ll be there for this week..s shipment, and next week..s, and as long as it takes to find us a new home. So come by and check out the damage, our new space-like pods, and laugh as we try to sell you comics like a garage sale run by gypsies. And then get out your credit card, because it’ll work. My mother was half-gypsy.

For more on the fire, go to our website at or check out our latest blog right here on myspace. Or just go to the store and ask us. But please; no smoking.

always and forever
-The Bug

Best Comic Book Of The Year Announced!

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By me…

Yes, this is just my opinion, but the best comic book published in 2006 was David Petersen’s amazing MOUSE GUARD, published by Archaia Studios Press.


Amazingly visualized, MOUSE GUARD tells the story of a coming war between separate factions of Mouse Nation while using the trappings of a fantasy narrative.


There’s intrigue and politics and all of that jazz, but mostly there are a ton of super cute mice kicking some serious ass. I cannot express the delight I get when I flip through each new issue. Everything is so beautiful, the pallet, the page layouts, the minimal dialog and rich open story… this is just damn good comics.


And its great for kids too. The language is clean, the gore level is low, the stories are adventurous, the mice are too cute for words (did I mention cute mice?) and if your child can’t follow exactly everything in the story, the art and excitement will keep them engaged. So if you want something cool for Christmas that will get an 8 to 10-year-old reading, this just might do the trick.

This was, hands down, the most satisfying comic book to hit since ELK’S RUN (my vote for best comic of 2005)

And for those keeping score, I felt that SHAOLIN COWBOY was the best book of 2004.

If you’re not hip to this stuff make the effort.

I’ll do the Best Graphic Novel/Collected Trade soon.

You Tube Jack Kirby Interview

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“I went to the bible and came up with Galactus.”

Life Of A Cat

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The cats of my life have been on my mind today as one that was very, very important to me died last night.

Coincidently, the fantastic website TV In Japan brought this gorgeous, heartfelt mini-anime to my attention.

This post is dedicated to Clark, Chuck, Pena, Mal, Nieves and last but not least by a long shot…

My Mommy Lives in LA.jpg

Good kitties all.

And for the two who share my front porch with me and are still very vibrant and alive, Tree and Mortimer.

Here is Kooks obit…

Kookla Adler-Poulos
November 22, 1999 – November 10, 2006
Born in Edison, New Jersey, Kookla spent her youth playing fetch and hiding from her crystal-meth-addicted landlord at La Isla de Las Mujeres in New Brunswick, NJ. Seemingly pointless and unprovoked racing back and forth from room to room, marked her childhood, and continued well into adulthood, even as the rooms grew smaller and Kookla grew larger. Physically distinguished by her black-on-black tiger striped coat and abnormally small head, she was also well-known across the nation for her voracious appetite and almost human-like understanding that food obviously equals love. Her unique vocal stylings also brought notoriety amongst artists, doctors, and teachers, alike.

After a few years in Highland Park, New Jersey, Kookla decided to follow her dreams of living alone, without the oppression of slimmer, dominating felines and moved to Los Angeles, where she spent her final years living the good life in her beachside apartment in Venice, California.

She is survived by her two mommies, Nicole Adler of Highland Park, NJ and Julie Poulos of Venice, CA; cousins Sally, Freeia, Jet, Flo, Jinxy and Trixie; and numerous aunties and uncles. Service to be held Sunday, November 19th, at 12 noon. Venice Beach, CA.

Your City Is Trying To Tell You Something…

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new york city (united states of america), east village, 11th and a

Written On The City is a profoundly engaging, minimalist and beautiful website designed to distill the distinct voices of the greatest Cities in the world by allowing users to submit photographs of urban poetry and text that has been stenciled across, graphitized upon and splashed over the concrete jungles of mankind. There’s something spiritual about these anonymous messages to ourselves.

Granted, the collection is a little anemic right now, I hope that by posting this I’m inspiring people to go out and start shooting.

Check it out. Participate.

I notice that there is no listing for Los Angeles yet… I’m dying to get my new digital camera!

san francisco (united states of america), soma, folsom and sherman