2015 In Music

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TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY by Kendrick Lamar. Album of the year.



BUY MUSIC! Buy a whole album instead of a few tracks. Go to a show and pick up some merch while you’re there. Just spend money! But if you buy music (downloads or physical) and merch online, try to buy from the artist’s website, or the label if it’s a small one.

Cool? Cool. So here we go. Here’s all the stuff that moved me this year. This is my most expansive attempt to celebrate a year in music so far. There’s the inevitable TOP TEN list, and then TOP FIVE lists broken up by genre further down. If you use the evil Spotify there’s eight genre-specific playlists as well, and one “year-in-review” playlist, so keep scrolling down, whatever you’re in to, it’s represented (except for blues and country – I kind of dropped the ball on that this year). I hope this helps you discover something you’ve never heard before.



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My week in music – Sept. 6 to Sept. 13, 2014

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I listen to a lot of new music. This is what spoke to me this week.

Don’t Let the Fuckers get you Down/Dream Baby Dream


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The Sonic House

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A detail of the Sonic House, featuring the wooden instrument/dining table and the microphone rigged stairs.

American multimedia artist Doug Aitkin has created an amazing piece of modern architecture right here in my town of residence, Venice, Ca. (home to some truly world class architecture as it is). Keep reading for details and link to a video of the house… Read more


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THAT NEW STYLE. Story by Joshua Dysart. Art and Coloring by Ryan Kelly.

Some time ago Liquid Comics approached the amazing Ryan Kelly (Saucer Country, Northlanders, Local, Lucifer) and I to do a short comic about Elvis Presley for a collection that was being commissioned by Graceland (I think). Excited to work with Ryan, who I’ve been a fan of since way back in the days of Lucifer, I lept at the chance.

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RIP Les Paul

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Pioneer in the development of both the hardware of the solid-body electric guitar and the playing techniques of the device, such as licks, trills, chording sequences, fretting and timing. Considered one of the primary fathers of Rock n’ Roll.