Tribute to Romanadvoratrelundar

Mary Tamm, the beautiful, smart English actress who played the first incarnation of one of the great “Doctor Who” companions in the show’s history - Romanadvoratrelundar (but she prefers Fred) – passed away a few days ago at the very young age of sixty-two after an 18-month battle with cancer.

Tamm took the part of Romana in 1978 after she was assured that her character would be a Time Lord (Time Lady, actually) like the Doctor himself and therefore be as smart, adventurous and charming as he. She played opposite Tom Baker for only one season, leaving the show as soon as she felt the stories were trending more and more towards placing her in the damsel-in-distress role. This is unfortunate as it means Tamm’s only participation in the legendary series was during the season-long The Key to Time storyline. She continued to do amazing work in theater, film and TV up until her passing.

Tamm played Romana as brilliant and sly. A match, beat for beat, for the usually matchless Doctor.

Losing Mary Tamm so soon after Elisabeth Sladen, who just passed last year, has made it a very reflective time for classic Who fans. As I watch the people who defined my era of the show slip this mortal coil it makes me even more protective and loving of the Who of my youth.

Thanks for the adventures, Mary. I can only hope you’re regenerating into something just as lovely and amazing.

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