Two Videos for your perusal! Two wasted hours with Dysart.

Shortly after my return from Uganda I did this hour long interview about my trip, my other comics work (Conan, BPRD, Greendale) and a random discussion of the medium in general. The show COMIC BOOK GEEKS is pretty loose and ridiculous, but I always have fun on it and I’m pretty happy with the way it all came off.

Besides all of that you can see me in a full beard!!


Also available now is the episode of Comics on Comics I did several months back. Sporting a more lean and clean appearance, myself and several other panelists rap about comics (Brand New Day, Secret Invasion, Kick Ass) as well as BPRD. In the end they nail me on the Avril Lavigne thing. You’ll notice, if you watch the whole hour (and god, why would you), we get a lot more animated in the second half of the video cast. That’s after we’ve gone to the back and done some shots.

Anyone who has gotten drunk or high with me will notice I’m starting to do the gentle, constant head bob there at the end. That’s how you know I’m phasing between this dimension and my own.

You can download it for free from Itunes (go to “Comics on Comics”). My episode is called EPISODE 0 (zero).

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