Unknown Soldier in the New York Times!

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If it’s the article that’s brought you here, WELCOME! Now… Please click on the button that reads BEHIND THE SCENES UNKNOWN SOLDIER at the top right of this site.

The hits to this site have been staggering this morning. I know it’s pretty self-explanatory, but this is not the main Unknown Soldier page. The button above will portal you to a dedicated page where you’ll find photographs, posts, videos and more about Kony, the LRA and the comic book itself. The posts were often slammed out between deadlines in short writing sprints, so please excuse typos. I’ll be cleaning up the page in the following days.

So no, the post below entitled THE SHATNER BREAKDOWN… BITCHES! is not Ugandan specific and is even a little embarrassing in light of the new found attention.

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  1. Beck

    Yes, it was the nytimes article that brought me here this morning, but it was the Shatner video that brought me back this evening. Don’t be embarrassed – you are a wellspring of cool for the thirsty masses! But thanks for the esy to follow directions to the Uganda button, I must admit I overlooked it on my earlier visit.

  2. Sean

    I am definitely going out and buying it.

    BTW, have you seen the graphic novel, “Deogratias”?

    On comics in Africa in general, you may be interested in this special issue of the magazine, Chimurenga, which focused on comics: http://www.chimurenga.co.za/printissue-9.html


  3. Liz & Steve Alderman

    Dear Mr. Dysart,

    The Peter C. Alderman Foundation (PCAF), dedicated to the memory of our 25-year old son murdered by terrorists in the World Trade Center, has partnered with the Uganda Ministry of Health and the Departments of Psychiatry, Makerere and Gulu University to treat victims of the LRA insurgency in the North who have developed incapacitating traumatic depression and PTSD (approximately 70% of men women and children display these symptoms). Using only indigenous personnel, we both train them in evidence-based therapy and employ them in 3 PCAF Clinics: Gulu, Kitgum, and Tororo. We also have outreach programs to the IDP camps. During the past 2.5 years, the Foundation has screened 3000 people and treated more than 2000 patients. Our personnel combine local healing traditions (eg.matu oput) with Western psychiatry. We return 90% of patients to productive lives. You can learn more about PCAF by viewing the website (supra vide).
    We applaud your effort. Raising people’s awareness is the first and most important step in advocacy.You certainly are not using the Acholis, Langis et al.; you are publishing the results of a silent war and are thereby advocating for them. BRAVO!

    Kind regards.

    Liz & Steve

  4. Chris Blattman

    I’ve spent many years in northern Uganda researching child soldiers and the LRA, and my wife has worked there since 1999. My first reaction upon hearing about this comic book was horror. Then I read it. It’s simply outstanding, and miles better than virtually every fiction or non-fiction account of the war I have encountered. Well done.

    BTW, if you’re interested in the research, see http://www.sway-uganda.org. And do let me know if an academic endorsement should come in handy.

    Chris Blattman, Yale University

  5. Joshua Dysart

    @Beck Wait? Is this Beckbeck? Pooper Beck? Hold on, if you’re not my friend Beck than I’m now terribly embarrassed. Either way, thanks for the kind words!

    @Sean Thank you so much for the resource link. It’s great!!

    @Liz & Steve Alderman thank you so much for this letter. As you obviously have guessed, exploitation of these issues is my worst fear and not a writing session goes by that isn’t filled with doubt and struggle. Thank you, thank you.

    @Chris Blattman Man I love to say your last name. My editor and I just gushed over you today. When I stumbled on your blog I was giddy. The thing is. We’ve been reaching just the comic book readership for about a year now. The NYT article brought us a whole new level of attention from people who have the knowledge to call bullshit on me. But they haven’t. They’ve embraced us. It’s amazing. All this time I felt like such a phony. Now I’m ready to ditch my job and go into policy! Seriously, thank you so much for the kind words and blogging about us and giving us an air of credibility that we didn’t have before. I’m looking foreword to going over your research.

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