Valiant News and New Harbinger Covers Released

Yeah, as usual my own site is the last to publish the “latest” news. At least you know the book won’t fall behind because I’m too busy blogging.

Two new covers for Harbinger #6 have hit the internets. Lick them…

Artist Mico Suayan gives us our first glimpse of Zypher the hero.

And …

The Matthew Clark variant teases with a wounded and isolate Pete.

Here’s the official press release from the horse’s mouth (meaning Valiant), with sneaky little details about the issue itself.

Valiant has also been busy showing the industry how it’s done.

The New York Times recently profiled the rise of the new/old company, and it’s a great article.

Apropos of nothing, Dinesh Shamdasani, chief creative officer of Valiant Entertainment, also lives in Los Angeles without a car, just like me (except he might be able to afford a cab now and then… not like me).

And Newsarama has done an amazing article on the company’s future plans, featuring a round table discussion with CCO Dinesh Shamdasani, Publisher Fred Pierce and Executive Editor Warren Simons.

Read them. The two links make up a virtual primer on how to launch a comic book company in hard economic times (step 1. Spend nearly a decade securing the rights to much beloved, but legally mired, properties).

That is all.

“Be Excellent to each other” – Bill & Ted

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